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Gears and Bearings March 22, 2023

Mobile robots will be leading planetary precision gear industry by 2026

The market for planetary precision gearboxes is forecast to expand significantly, driven by high levels of demand within the mobile robots segment.

By Alexander Jones
Safety & PPE January 23, 2023

Addressing electrical safety hazards

Considering newer products and technologies can improve personnel safety, especially when combined with a “design for safety” approach and appropriate automation.

By Marty Kronz
Courtesy: Chris Vavra, CFE Media and Technology
Robotics January 6, 2023

Smart robotics, AI fueling industrial automation growth

Industrial automation is being propelled by artificial intelligence (AI) and smart robotics, which are helping bring jobs back to the U.S.

By Emmet Cole
Image courtesy: Brett Sayles
Semiconductors January 5, 2023

2D semiconductor research used to improve quantum computing, solar panels

Texas A&M University researchers are improving 2D semiconductors by better understanding dark excitons, which can help improve technologies such as quantum computers and solar panels.

By Steve Kuhlmann
PLCs, PACs December 16, 2022

PLC module coordinates real-time data in coal shipping application

A coal shipping company improved their supply chain and operations by reducing inefficiency and waste with PLC modules.

By Deane Horn
Semiconductors December 16, 2022

Global chip industry to invest more than $500 billion over next two years

SEMI announced the semiconductor industry will invest more than $500 billion by 2024, which will include 28 manufacturing facilities starting construction in 2023.

Courtesy: Chris Vavra, CFE Media and Technology
System Integration December 13, 2022

Crafting a multi-faceted system integration strategy

A new manufacturing facility required developing and delivering a solution that emphasized enhanced process control, information access and building control.

By Chris Vavra
Image courtesy: Brett Sayles
Cybersecurity December 13, 2022

The importance of focusing on cybersecurity for SI projects

Industrial control system (ICS) cybersecurity is increasingly important. From the start, involve the right people from operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) to collaborate on OT cybersecurity needs.

By Dan Malyszko
System Integration December 12, 2022

System integrators: Automation glue

Control system integrators serve as the hardware, software and networking glue to help plan, design and integrate automation and controls projects.

By Mark T. Hoske
System Integrators December 12, 2022

Sustaining SI support for water/wastewater facilities

As water/wastewater municipalities are struggling to replace retiring technical personnel and support increasingly sophisticated automation technologies, they are finding well-staffed system integrators can provide the electrical, instrumentation and controls support they need.

By Matt Boyer