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A steamy CDSolution Source for Steam, Air, and Water Systems provides relevant information on hundreds of related products in nine sections. The free CD devotes more than 20% of its space to engineering guidelines for steam conservation, condensate recovery, and draining liquids from compressed air and other gases.

By Staff November 2, 2018

A steamy CD

Solution Source for Steam, Air, and Water Systems provides relevant information on hundreds of related products in nine sections. The free CD devotes more than 20% of its space to engineering guidelines for steam conservation, condensate recovery, and draining liquids from compressed air and other gases. This reference includes numerous charts, tables, graphs, photos, illustrations, and cutaways.

Armstrong Intl., Inc.

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Linear bearings go smoothly

A technical bulletin on Smart MultiTrac Ball Bushing bearing blocks contains benefits, diagrams, and engineering data, including life expectancy, load capacity, and coefficients of friction. Also included are detailed drawings and specifications on closed and open configurations, and helpful application tips for metric linear bearing blocks.

Thomson Industries, Inc.

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Risky business

The free 2001 Property Loss Prevention Resource Guide contains “how-to” material to help facility and plant managers responsible for property loss prevention effectively manage property-related hazards. The catalog contains a wide selection of publications, engineering data sheets, learning kits, videos, CD-ROMs, and seminar listings.

Factory Mutual Insurance Co.

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Selecting air compressors

How to Select an Air Compressor video, sponsored in part by the U.S. Department of Energy, provides advice from industry experts and users. While price is an important consideration, purchasing on this factor alone can be expensive. In reality, the number one expense of owning a compressor is the cost of power. This video discusses compressor cost and what should be considered before making a choice.

Compressed Air and Gas Institute

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Small-time clutches and brakes

XT Series of “Xtreme Torque” clutches and brakes comes in an exceptionally small package for their torque ratings. Models XT-39C and XT-47C clutches provide triple the torque rating of a conventional package. Models XT-58B and XT-62B brakes have a diameter of only 2.44 in., which provides holding torque up to 60 in.-lb.

Electroid Co.

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It’s not the sludge, it’s dewater

The 2000 HS system is a cost-effective alternative to expensive, high maintenance piston pumps and open conveyors for dewatered sludge transfer in wastewater treatment. The system features a nonpulsing flow, which translates into significantly lower operating pressures. A technical bulletin offers information on features, benefits, applications, and contacts.

Moyno, Inc.

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Paint with ease

Liftman pneumatically operated work platform is used in paint spray booths and paint preparation areas. It replaces steps, ladders, and scaffolding; and occupies minimum floor space. The unit can be driven and steered from any height, and is durable, reliable, and requires minimum maintenance.

RS Finishing Systems, Inc.

Circle 257

Let someone else clean the boiler

The Site Services brochure details the features and benefits of several company businesses, including short-term or outage-driven turnkey repairs, new equipment installation/upgrade capabilities, mobile maintenance units, and long-term maintenance contracts. Turnkey repairs include boiler cleaning, equipment installation, outage maintenance upgrade work, and inspection and repairs.

Diamond Power Intl., Inc.

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Controls are on the level

A 20-p catalog explains features of level sensors and controls. Level sensing technologies explained include tuning fork, paddle wheel, diaphragm, and more.


Circle 259

Managing reliability

Metrics Manager is a web-based analytical processing tool for multidimensional data viewing and analysis with graphical drill-down capabilities. PROACT is a fully integrated root cause analysis tool that takes advantage of reporting, querying, and analytical modes to allow users to perform evaluations and access related data.

Meridium, Inc.

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Solve welding and cutting problems

An 84-p catalog presents detailed descriptions of how innovative technology and products provide solutions to real world welding and cutting challenges. It includes technical specifications, features, and benefits of welding and plasma cutting products, including TIG/stick inverters, MIG unit with pulsing capabilities, and a lightweight wire feeder.

Miller Electric Mfg. Co.

Circle 261

Get all steamed up

Steam & Fluid Control Designer’s Guide is a free reference for designing, specifying, and purchasing systems for steam, condensate, and fluid handling. It includes specifications for regulators, control valves, safety relief valves, condensate pumps, desuperheaters, and more.

Spence Engineering Co., Inc.

Circle 262

Reduce dryer purge air

A line of heated, regenerative compressed air dryers is available for users with little or no purge air to spare. A brochure outlines features of the HB, HI, and HP Series dryers.

Van Air Systems, Inc.

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Welding out of sight

The Submerged Arc Welding Guide describes the basic concepts of the process and is divided into two sections: one tackles issues on the process and the other delves into submerged equipment. The guide provides fundamental information in the form of text, charts, and graphics detailing the process and its variations to help an operator understand and deal with specific concerns.

The Lincoln Electric Co.

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This book is rigged

Rigging is a 162-p handbook that is the most up-to-date publication available on the subject. The first three sections deal with wire rope, slings, and hardware. Each section addresses various types, applications, and inspection criteria. A fourth section on procedures examines methods for determining load weight, proper handling of loads, hand signals, and other important issues. More than 250 illustrations and 35 capacity tables are included.

Crane Institute of America, Inc.

Circle 265

Dock levelers go airborne

Air technology conversion kit allows affordable changing of old or outdated dock leveler systems to state-of-the-art air technology. The kit converts dock levelers of most major manufacturers without structural modifications or the need to remove the leveler from the pit. The main component is the air-lifting module. The lifting process is accomplished by using a low pressure, 10-amp fan motor. Also included in the kit is the lip extension, deck support/maintenance strut, and pushbutton controls.

APS Resource

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Water, water everywhere

WaterPro is a backpack-like system containing an insulated 50-oz reservoir that keeps liquids cool for drinking during hours of hot, sweaty work. Featuring an adjustable harness and durable shell, it is lightweight and ergonomically designed for maximum comfort and freedom of movement. A delivery tube provides hands-free access using a valve that makes it easy to drink by lightly biting on the end of the tube.

CamelBak Products

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