Suggestions & Solutions – 2002-06-15 – 2002-06-15

By Staff June 15, 2002

Emergency response training

HAZWOPER: Emergency Response Training for Employees is a program that provides emergency response teams with required HAZWOPER training. The program explains what is expected of team members prior to, during, and after a hazardous chemical incident, according to the five levels of involvement specified by OSHA.

J.J. Keller & Associates, Inc.

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Lube package deal

“Dow Corning Fluid Consolidation Program” is designed to reduce overall maintenance costs and extend equipment life better than is possible using a mix and match of competitive products, as well as simplify the purchasing process. The program consists of a comprehensive line of fluids, oils, and related services that meet virtually every lubricant need.

Dow Corning Corp.

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Customize overhead cranes

Overhead bridge cranes are built to customer requirements in sizes up to 100-ton capacity with a 120-ft span and adhere to CMMA, ANSI, UBC, AISC, and OSHA codes and safety requirements. Featuring construction to Class D requirements, which is twice as durable as the Class C industry standard, these cranes are designed for heavy-duty applications.

North American Industries, Inc.

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Hire a gear expert

Falk Renew has added plant survey and drive auditing services. Falk service personnel visit your facility to inspect all gear drive installations, make recommendations, and create a detailed survey of your drive applications. Critical applications are reviewed for preventive actions and spare parts coverage. The program offers spare parts, repair, and in-plant service for all gear drive brands.

Falk Renew

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Genset has advanced controls

2000 DQKC 2MW PowerCommand generator set is available in a 40-ft ISO container for a wide variety of large power rentals. The genset offers more durability, fuel efficiency, and control than comparable units. Over 50 monitor and control features improve performance and reliability. More than 200 diagnostic functions can be monitored.

Cummins Power Rental

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Simple ball screw selection

Design Tool is a web-based program with simple drop-down menus that enable selection of parameters such as screw diameter, pitch, nut style, number of ball circles, and preload value. The database software automatically determines and displays nut load-carrying capacity (both static and dynamic), nut stiffness, nut length, and friction torque.

Steinmeyer, Inc.

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Testing steam traps

Online guide to testing steam traps is an easy-to-follow document that provides an excellent overview of trap testing methods through straightforward text and pictorials. The guide describes the different trap testing methods, including visual, sound, temperature, and conductivity. The guide also matches different trap types to their most appropriate testing methods.


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Buy compressed air

Compressed air is industry’s most expensive utility, often costing more than 10 times more than electricity. A unique contract commodity air service is designed to meet dynamic compressed air needs. Compressed air is delivered to a facility via a highly sophisticated, modular, self-contained compressed air power plant. You pay only for the air you use and re-deploy operational resources to plant operations.


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