Suggestions & Solutions – 2002-05-13

By Staff May 13, 2002

Bearing fixer

Industrial Services’ repair capabilities now includes reclamation services on bearings between 3 and 8 in. OD. Bearings are refurbished, typically in sets of 20 or more. The process begins with an inspection to determine the level of service required. Bearings that require more than a clean and polish are discarded. Reclaimed bearings are returned with a written report and a one-year warranty.

The Timken Corp.

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Way to handle lubes and fluids is an internet portal to an easier, safer, and more cost-effective way of handling industrial oils, lubricants, and other fluids while eliminating 55-gal. drums. The site shows how the Storage & Dispensing System is a centralized way of handling fluids with an expandable setup that comes with containers, dispensers, sight gauges, and spill containment.

The IFH Group, Inc.

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It’s all about chains

Union Engineering Chain General Catalog is now available on CD. It gives quick and easy access to comprehensive information on engineering class chains, sprockets, and power transmission components. The CD features detailed specifications on a complete line of products including drive chains, roller conveyor chains, and steel bushed chains.

U.S. Tsubaki, Inc.

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All about bitumen roofs

A free interactive CD with information about built-up and modified bitumen roofing systems is now available. The CD contains the latest information modeled after the company’s binder and includes on-line help, customized print options, MSDS library, and functional CAD details.

Johns Manville Roofing Systems Group

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Don’t blow a gasket

Free Plain Facts about Improved Gaskets and Hints on Boiler Maintenance is a booklet that emphasizes the safe operation of boilers with properly installed, no-leak, rubber gaskets. The booklet covers boilers from research on rubber formulations to steam safety pop-off valves.

Topog-E Gasket Co.

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Lube extends drain intervals

Molykotew synthetic gear oils can extend drain intervals three times over conventional mineral oils while reducing power consumption by as much as 17% in worm gear boxes. The extended drain interval is possible due to proprietary antioxidant additives and a manufacturing process that eliminates impurities that lead to oil degradation.

Dow Corning Corp.

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Disaster recovery

Disaster Recovery Yellow Pages is a 350-p, comprehensive sourcebook designed to help users locate scores of crucial but hard-to-find recovery services throughout the United States and Canada. It contains over 3000 vendor listings and covers 270 categories such as drying of microfilm and paper records, trauma counselors, data recovery from broken hard disks, and food kit vendors.

The Systems Audit Group

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Workplace Safety Orientation for Employees is a training program that gives employees an introduction to OSHA and its requirements. Along with a basic understanding of OSHA, the program provides an overview of key OSHA topics such as first aid, fire safety, hearing protection, PPE, forklift safety, lockout/tagout, and hazard communication.

J. J. Keller & Associates, Inc.

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RCRA CFRs made easy

Do you wish you could simplify all 1798 pages of complex hazardous waste regulations? Now you can find the compliance information you need quickly and easily with RCRA CFRs Made Easy. This guide provides companies that have to comply with RCRA’s complicated maze of regulations with a comprehensive, user-friendly guide that streamlines all of RCRA’s massive, four-volume CFR collection into one, easy-to-read reference.

ABS Consulting Management Systems Div.

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Belt conveyor training on web

A Safety & Task Training program on this company web site helps safety managers provide task-specific training for safe, efficient belt conveyor maintenance. Four tasks in the program include: Lockout/Tagout for control of hazardous electrical controls; Clamping a Belt to draw ends together for splicing; Cutting a Belt to ensure straight, square belt ends; and Skiving a Belt to remove the top cover for countersinking mechanical splicing flush with belt surface.

Flexible Steel Lacing Co.

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Build a tag

Custom Products Center online allows customers to design and order property identification tags and safety signs through a web site, . The self-service model reduces fulfillment time from two weeks to two days. The tags are tamper-resistant and have a specially formulated adhesive, making it easy to apply them to a wide range of surfaces. Tags can be made from a wide variety of materials and colors.

W. W. Grainger, Inc.

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Monitor refrigerants

2002 Haloguard Refrigerant Gas Monitor Product Guide instrument and accessory catalog gives specifiers and buyers a complete, proven, and approved choice of refrigerant gas monitoring options. It contains descriptions and specifications for models that meet a range of monitoring requirements: from the most stringent gas conservation to basic safety applications. There also is relevant ASHRAE CODE excerpts and exposure limits.

Thermal Gas Systems

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