Suggestions & Solutions – 2002-04-15

By Staff April 15, 2002

Flex your cables

Chainflex continuous-flex cables are designed specifically for use in cable carrier applications. All aspects of design and materials have been optimized for long service life in demanding flexing applications. Chainflex is available from stock in more than 400 sizes and styles, from shielded and unshielded power cables to twisted pair to bus cables. For more information, catalogs, contact the company.

igus, inc.

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Control your rectifiers

SCR Power Theory Training Manual is a 40-p illustrated manual that is an excellent tutorial guide to selecting and using silicon-controlled rectifier (SCR) power controllers. It covers ways to reduce material and labor costs when building power control panels and describes construction details that help reduce operational downtime. It can be downloaded from the web site,


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Filter kills bacteria

The system consists of a cartridge that is coated on the inside with a liquid that forms a spiked structure as it dries. When harmful microorganisms come in contact with the treated surface, the cell membrane is pierced, and they die. A UV light chamber ensures that any remaining bacteria are completely neutralized by altering their DNA structure.


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Keep your cool on the roof

Retro-Mate is a fast, cost-effective method of replacing rooftop HVAC’s. The old rooftop unit is removed, and the retrofit is installed on top of the existing curb to adapt it to the new HVAC unit. Larger rooftop units than the one being replaced can be accommodated. Installation time is considerably reduced, often being accomplished in hours.

Thybar Corp.

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Old gears never die

RENEW provides remanufactured surplus gear drives that save up to 50% over new units. Remanufactured drives are supplied with new bearings, seals and seal surfaces, gears, shafts, and re-certified housings and structural components. The company takes your application requirements and searches its extensive surplus gear drive database for a unit that meets specifications.

Falk Renew

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Property loss info

Factory Mutual Research Approval Guide CD is a comprehensive resource that contains more than 45,000 listings of fire protection, electrical, and building equipment materials and services tested and approved for property conservation by Factory Mutual Research, including thousands of new and revised listings.

FM Global

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How to ship hazmats

Hazardous Materials Transportation Training provides organizations that ship, receive, handle, prepare, or transport hazardous materials with a program that fulfills the U.S. Department of Transportation’s awareness training requirement. It examines the proper procedures for packaging, providing hazard communication, supplying emergency response information, and reporting spills and releases.

ABSG Consulting, Inc.

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Beat the 55-gal drum blues

Tote-A-Lube bulk liquid dispensing systems replace 55-gal. drums with clean, stackable, systemized storage and dispensing tanks. Tanks are made of high-density polyethylene with unique, corrugated V-groove sidewalls. Each 70 and 120-gal. tank can support 20,000 lb.

Davtone, Inc.

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