Suggestions & Solutions – 2001-12-01

By Staff December 1, 2001

How clean I am

How to Filter Compressed Air , Bulletin 120, is a free, 16-p booklet that uses text and illustrations to describe types of compressed air filters, guidelines for selecting the correct filter for a particular application, and other helpful information.


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Gas engine reduces emissions

Brochure introduces a line of lean-burn gas engine/generator sets for prime and peaking power applications. Sized form 334 kW to 1.75 MW, these generator sets are powered by fuel-efficient, spark-ignited engines that reduce NO x emissions.

Cummins Power Generation

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Pumps on CD-ROM

A 2 CD-ROM set of the Goulds Pump Manual includes the 8thissue of the GPM catalog and the Goulds Pump Selection System. The set makes it possible to click-through the pump catalog, and make selections by the use of electronic tools.

I TT Industries, Goulds Pumps

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Recorders track overheating

Temp-Plate irreversible temperature recorders provide a low-cost alternative to monitoring surface temperatures with sensors or probes. These versatile, inexpensive, miniature labels create a permanent record of overheat conditions.

Wahl Instruments, Inc.

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