Suggestions & Solutions – 2001-09-01

By Staff September 1, 2001

Learn-a-lot fast

Process Picture Maps is a new procedure/job-aid software program designed to radically reduce the time needed for people to learn new job-related tasks. The program reduces lengthy procedures 5-15-p long to one double-sided sheet. The resulting document uses pictures and symbols to make procedures significantly easier to understand and follow.

Talsico LLC

Circle 251

Lubes for extreme conditions

A free brochure describes the specifications and applications for Jet Lube antiseize compounds, thread sealants, valve maintenance, and other specialty products. The brochure lists ASTM specifications, maximum temperatures, and application guides for the various products.

Jet Lube, Inc.

Circle 252

A hot item

OS540 is a portable, low-cost infrared thermometer that offers solutions for many noncontact temperature measurements. The handheld device offers circle or dot laser sighting. It has a range of 0-788 F with a resolution of 1 F, repeatability of

Omega Engineering, Inc.

Circle 253

Sparky learns safety

Electrical Maintenance Training Program uses video and CD-ROM to give maintenance workers the opportunity to gain knowledge in areas ranging from basic safety techniques to mastery of advanced software. The program provides the equivalent of 130 hours of classroom instruction.

Coastal Skills Training

Circle 254

A driven CD-ROM

Version 7.0 of this free, interactive Electronic Catalog on CD-ROM allows users to instantly access a wide variety of technical information on more than 6500 motors and drives. Product information includes nameplate data, dimension drawings, performance and test data, replacement parts and installation, and operating manuals. A unique, interactive search function allows users with limited information to easily find products.

Baldor Electric Co.

Circle 255

Is your metal detector sensitive?

A free metal detection test card contains a 0.0591-in. sphere of ferrous metal to test the sensitivity of metal detectors. Each card’s metal sphere is embedded in a durable, laminated cover to provide easy use in a variety of wet or dry applications. Simply place the laminated card in the process line to observe if it is detected, as tramp metal would be. Call 800-345-4946 for a card.

Eriez Magnetics

Circle 256

Keep coolant filtered

Coolant Filtration, 2 nd Edition, Additional Technologies is a practical guide on cleaning coolants for longer life or disposal. This book contains nearly everything you need to know about the subject. Various types of coolants are discussed. Types of clarification devices are detailed. A systems perspective is provided in which these components are connected to function as one system. A chapter elaborates on coolant clarification as it applies to specific applications.

Joseph Marketing, Inc.

Circle 257

Catalog has compressed air tutorials

Transair compressed air pipe system catalog, “Practical Air Guide, Conversion Tables, Installation Tips Are Meaningful Tools,” defines compressed air system energy efficiency considerations, provides practical application and installation information, and includes technical data well beyond the scope of most product catalogs. The catalog describes a typical conversion from a typical piping material system to aluminum piping.

Legris, Inc.

Circle 258