Suggestions & Solutions – 2001-07-01

Duct liner stays dry ToughGard R with enhanced surface is a rotary-based, glass HVAC duct liner that has a moisture-resistant airstream surface. A brochure describes the liner and includes charts of available sizes, physical properties, thermal and acoustical performance, and air friction, in addition to a standards reference chart.

By Staff July 1, 2001

Duct liner stays dry

ToughGard R with enhanced surface is a rotary-based, glass HVAC duct liner that has a moisture-resistant airstream surface. A brochure describes the liner and includes charts of available sizes, physical properties, thermal and acoustical performance, and air friction, in addition to a standards reference chart.

CertainTeed Corp.

Circle 251

Get oiled cheap

A web site provides direct, online lubricant purchasing, with orders sent directly to a leading ISO/QS 9002 manufacturer. This direct supply chain gives the end-user-customer the opportunity to purchase products at distributor-level prices. This business model removes about 30% of traditional supply chain cost.

Circle 252

Dampers meet UL fire requirements

Fire, smoke, and combination fire/smoke damper products are offered in compliance with new UL 555 and UL 555S testing requirements, more than a year ahead of the July 2002 deadline. The new standards are designed to increase damper reliability and ensure safe operation during a fire. The dampers must operate against a minimum airflow of 2000 fpm and 4-in. wg pressure. Ratings require testing airflow in both directions.


Circle 253

Getting up in the air

A CD profiles 10 lines of ladders and over 300 OSHA-compliant products including work platforms, portable stacking racks, cylinder cabinets, partitions, aerial lift platforms, and carts. The CD features color photos, technical specifications, application, instruction sheets, and easy-to-use charts. Specialty products include truck ladders for access to semitrailers when docks are unavailable.

EGA Products, Inc.

Circle 254

Control motors smartly

An intelligent motor control center (MCC) white paper, “Integrated, Intelligent Motor Control Centers,” provides comprehensive technical analysis and cost savings information achieved from MCCs used to enclose automation control products in facilities. The paper helps readers better understand how intelligent MCCs can lower long-term costs while providing real-time process information to maximize system productivity.

Rockwell Automation

Circle 255

Recip compressor valve service

Return used compressor valves to like-new condition for less than half the cost of new valves. ISO certified service centers continually update repair standards and procedures to meet current industry standards. A valve failure analysis provides the most efficient solution to any needs. The service includes cleaning all reusable components, inspecting seats and guards, remachining them to original specifications, and testing each valve to meet original standards.


Circle 256

Connect shafts without keys

A free, 16-p catalog describes a line of clamping sleeves that are keyless shaft connectors offering backlash-free power transmission, simple design, and easy assembly and disassembly at low cost. The sleeves can be used with pulleys, gears, cams, sprockets, and flywheels on motor shafts, spindles, axles, and pins. The catalog provides detailed technical data; design, dimensions, applications, and assembly information.

Advanced Machine & Engineering Co.

Circle 257

Rent electrical power

A rental 1-mW generator set housed in a 20-ft long trailer is used for a variety of applications. Sound attenuation is 72 dB at 23 ft, and the switchgear features bus bar arrangements for rapid set up, service, and teardown. The genset can produce 1 mW at 208 or 480 V.

Cummins Power Rent

Circle 258

Getting good vibrations

A free Vibratory Products Selection Guide CD-ROM contains everything needed to properly calculate and size vibratory feeders, conveyors, and bin vibrators. It also offers product reviews and drive system descriptions as well as two complete software applications to calculate feeder tray capacities and size bin vibrators. The CD offers direct links to access additional information, perform a product search, download literature, or use the online assistant.

Eriez Magnetics

Circle 259

Safety training for contract workers

Contractor Safety is an eight-part training series that covers hazard recognition and best work practices for all types of workers who may be employed under contract at a site. This realistic, comprehensive series is designed to prevent contractors from being injured at a site. The training modules include an overview of security and emergencies, safety responsibilities of construction workers, how to handle materials safely, and activities requiring a safe work permit.

Summit Training Source, Inc.

Circle 260

Testing resistance

Model 218 Resistance Test Kit is an autoranging, low-cost kit designed for measuring surface, point-to-point, and point-to-ground resistance. The kit includes Model 880 autoranging resistance meter, two Model 850 resistance probes, Model 256 utility wiring verifier, ground plane, carrying case, cables, and user manual. The meter features autoranging from &103to >1012ohms, parallel bar electrodes, and output jacks to connect optional probes.

Electro-tech Systems, Inc.

Circle 261

What to do when all hell breaks loose

Disaster Recovery Yellow Pages is a 350-p, comprehensive sourcebook designed to help users locate scores of crucial but hard-to-find recovery services throughout the United States and Canada. It contains over 3000 vendors and covers over 270 categories such as drying and dehumidification of paper and microfilm records, smoke odor counteracting services, trauma counselors, salvage, emergency rental of POS and other computer equipment, etc.

The Systems Audit Group, Inc.

Circle 262

Fix roofs easy

Online Repair Service is a system designed to help improve communications, reduce the chance of unapproved cost overruns, and accelerate the time frame for completing roof repairs with an interactive repair dispatch. In addition to having instant access to a plant’s repair history, users can order repairs, view digital images and drawings of the areas repaired, check on repair status, review a simple invoice that breaks down labor and materials, and retrieve previous costs.

Simon Roofing

Circle 263

I shrunk the keyboard

Regain useful desk space with OIX 2000 compact computer keyboards that save 60% of the space required by standard 101 or 102-key keyboards, without loss of functionality. A tough, industrial version is ideal for harsh factory floors. The keyboard shrinks size by compressing row spacing while leaving column spacing largely unchanged. Because of this approach, most users quickly achieve normal typing speed.

CyberResearch, Inc.

Circle 264

Tough stainless steel tools

A line of high performance, stainless steel hand tools offers a unique combination of features useful to industries concerned with exposure to corrosive environments. The tools include conventional screwdrivers, L and T-pattern hex keys, and ball-end L-pattern hex keys.

SteriTool, Div. of Nautitool, Inc.

Circle 265

Get this door in your face

The free Authoritative Guide to High-Speed Doors is designed to support high-speed door purchasing decisions. It provides information on how to choose the right door for an application as well as answer questions associated with door speed, maintenance, and safety. The guide details the differences between rolling and folding doors, the benefits of high-speed operation in saving energy and maintenance dollars, and offers a quick look at the features and specifications of the most popular models available.

Rytec Corp.

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