Suggestions & Solutions – 2000-08-01

Get a flyer on HVAC motors Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration HVAC Industrial Motor Line flyer describes three-phase ODP and TEFC blower units in sizes up to 75 hp.

By Staff August 1, 2000

Get a flyer on HVAC motors

Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration HVAC Industrial Motor Line flyer describes three-phase ODP and TEFC blower units in sizes up to 75 hp. The publication offers electrical and mechanical features and available stock ratings. These motors are designed for continuous duty air-moving applications with low-to-medium starting torque requirements.

Baldor Electric Co.

Circle 251

Getting the right door speed

Programmed Response Option drive system allows users to choose not only to increase the opening speed of the Protecdor family of doors, but also to set the open and close speeds to meet their specific needs. Previously, open and close speeds had to be identical and were unchangeable. The doors feature soft bottom edge technology to protect personnel and property from impact damage.

Rite-Hite Doors, Inc.

Circle 252

Let there be light

A free, 42-p Industrial Lighting Guide walks a specifier through the process of designing for quality industrial lighting, analyzing the industrial workplace, and choosing the right product for a specific application.

Lithonia Lighting

Circle 253

Ice removal is no problem

RIM concentrated pellets generate heat on contact with moisture to clear ice and snow faster than rock salt, potassium chloride, or blends. The pellets leave no powdery residue, do not stain carpeting or tile, and are safe for concrete and vegetation when used as directed. Independent tests show that at 0 F, the pellets melt ice up to 24 times faster than rock salt and clear 1000 sq ft in less than 15 min.

Revere Products

Circle 254

Gun battery water down

Battery watering guns fill most types and automatically shut off when reaching the correct fill level, allowing operators and maintenance personnel to keep their eyes and face away from acid and other battery hazards. With a flow rate of over 2 gpm, the guns shoot a gentle flow of water into the cells.

Philadelphia Scientific

Circle 255

Solve aerosol can problems

Aerosolv 6000 recycling system is a safe and easy way to turn aerosol cans into recyclable scrap metal. The system complies with 40 CFR 261.1c(6)[1999] that defines scrap metal. Cans are punctured and the remaining liquid is drained and collected in a storage drum.

New Pig Corp.

Circle 256

Cool catalog online

HVAC Products Catalog, 2nd Edition, contains 600+ pp of information on pneumatic and electronic controls, damper actuators, valves and actuators, and electronic thermostats. The cross-reference section provides an updated listing of equivalent part numbers from leading manufacturers. The catalog is available online at

Siemens Building Technologies, Inc.

Circle 257

Wells protect sensors

Sensor Wells are targeted for capacitive proximity sensors, which are used to sense level and flow in process automation. They are stocked in Delrin, Teflon, and HDPE. Versions with NPT and SAE threads are available, as well as bulkhead, conduit, weld-on, and flange mounting. The wells are placed through vessel walls so the system remains sealed while the sensor is protected.

SoftNoze USA, Inc.

Circle 258

Watch that roof

DMD-1000 is a Factory Mutual life safety device that guards against catastrophic roof failure on flat or sloped roofs. By accurately gauging truss deflection, it helps avoid or reduce costs associated with snow removal, drain clearing, and related roof repairs that demand attention. The system consists of a reflectorless laser and receiver and a series of optical targets. When a sag occurs, the laser beam is interrupted, sounding an alarm.

Safe Roof Systems, Inc.

Circle 259

MSDS info handy

MSDS Station provides OSHA-required safety information in one centralized location. The unique 30-in. high x 16-in. wide polyethylene station features a highly visible 3-D backboard easily seen from a distance, preventing it from blending into its surroundings. Single stations have a 2-in. binder that holds 400 pp. Double stations come with two 3-in. binders that hold 600 pp each. Binders are attached to the backboard with a 36-in. chain.

EMED Co., Inc.

Circle 260

Click on updated EH & S material

Free information for professionals in the environmental, health, safety, quality, and risk management fields is available online at Included on the web site is information on the compliance checklist of the month, changes to CFRs, and key environmental contacts. Visitors may view and download any document at no charge. New and updated documents are added monthly.

Government Institutes Div.

ABS Group, Inc.

Circle 261

Get the sludge out

Operations Training/Activated Sludge Process Control is a CD-ROM course for wastewater treatment operators, plant supervisors, and others interested in mastering the fundamentals of biological wastewater treatment. Featuring more than 900 screens and 600 dynamic animations, schematics, and photographs, this interactive training course helps users understand the most widely used process for reducing the concentration of dissolved, particulate, and colloidal organic pollutants in wastewater.

Water Environment Federation

Circle 262

Hear your plant problems

Ultraprobe Inspection System is a free, eight-piece brochure that enables users to meet the needs of their specific ultrasonic inspection system. The literature features four probe models, plus a range of accessories for specialized applications. In addition, it includes specific application descriptions that explain what the technology offers and how it can be applied. Common uses of airborne technology include steam trap inspection and bearing monitoring.

UE Systems, Inc.

Circle 263

Rent a compressed air expert

Engineering consultation services to help improve the performance and efficiency of compressed air systems can be used to determine the potential for energy savings or ascertain operational problems. They can also be applied as an assessment tool for purchasing a replacement compressor. A selection of compressed air system audit or survey packages is available, including a compressor and air production audit, machine condition surveys, and compressor sizing surveys.

Bay Controls, Inc.

Circle 264

Teaching pneumatics basics

An eight-course CD-ROM is designed with a curriculum that enables students to master the fundamentals of pneumatic technology, while providing a powerful review tool to those already working in this field. Subjects covered in the course include pneumatic components and their symbols; compressing, storing, treating, and distributing compressed air; linear and rotary mechanical motion; and troubleshooting pneumatic systems.

Coastal Skills Training

Circle 265

How hot is it?

Thermalert GP infrared temperature monitoring system features thermocouple input and output for types E, J, K, N, R, S, and T. This low-cost system combines a compact 1/8th DIN monitor with a temperature sensing head and provides target temperature readings with 1% accuracy. Temperature data is displayed on an easy-to-read, four-digit, LED display. All monitor and sensor functions are easily configured via the user interface on the front panel.

Raytek Corp.

Circle 266

Diagnose chiller problems fast

Navigator diagnostics tool simplifies screw chiller servicing of units with ComfortLink control systems. The handheld tool allows technicians to reference diagnostic information generated from the control system. A bright, 4-line, 20-character display provides more detailed information during troubleshooting than any other diagnostic tool on the market. Using the system reduces installation, start-up, and training time by 30%.

Carrier Corp.

Circle 267

Solve a sticky situation

Two high-efficiency Solution Pak training kits educate U.S. manufacturers about the proper use and application of adhesives in assembly and plant operations. Each kit focuses on a fundamental adhesive function: threadlocking and bonding cylindrical assemblies (commonly called retaining). Both kits contain a 24-p guide on selecting and applying adhesives, as well as an interactive CD-ROM complete with performance information and formulas.

Loctite Corp.

Circle 268

What’s in the oil?

Lube Rx condition monitoring service kit for rotating equipment uses lubricants to help prolong service life, reduce maintenance and repair costs, and minimize the risk of breakdowns. This service analyzes lubricants to detect excessive wear of rotating components and contamination from coolants or solids. The analysis can reveal a variety of potential lubrication problems so users can perform preventive maintenance.

IMS Group, Inc.

Circle 269

Record voltage and current

SmartReader Plus 3 is palm-sized and has eight channels: one internal for ambient temperature, four for ac current, and three with 0-5-Vdc inputs, which can be used with ac voltage transducers to monitor three-phase voltage. Features include 12-bit resolution, 10-yr warranted battery life, remote access by modem, and networking capabilities. Sampling rates range from 25/sec to 1 reading every 8 hr. Memory capacity is 1.5 MB.

ACR Systems, Inc.

Circle 270

Fleece roofing fights wind

EP Fleece is the world’s first fleece-backed TPO roofing membrane and is available in black, white, and gray. It comes in 80 and 95-mil (nominal) thicknesses. The membrane combines a 45 or 60-mil reinforced EP TPO membrane with a nonwoven polyester fleece to provide some of the highest wind ratings in the industry. The fleece can be mechanically attached or fully adhered in new and retrofit applications.

Stevens Roofing Systems

Circle 271

Lift light and easy

DB vertical lift is a high-speed, vertical reciprocating conveyor for automated system applications that require light-duty lifting of boxes, cartons, or cases. The product features a DualBelt lifting mechanism that provides quiet operation and minimal maintenance. The lift handles loads up to 100 lb and carriage sizes up to 3 ftx3 ft and vertical lifts up to 50 ft at speeds from 6-400 fpm.

Pflow Industries

Circle 272

Rings that retain

Rotor Pack kit helps solve virtually any maintenance or repair situation that requires retaining rings. The kit contains about 50 each of 20 common internal/external retaining ring sizes. Internal rings fit housings or bores from 3/8-11/8-in. diameter and external rings to fit shafts from 1/4-11/8-in. diameter. The kit uses four plastic boxes with easy-open/close lids and two pliers that fit all the rings.

Rotor Clip Co., Inc.

Circle 273

Sitting down on the job

TaskMaster is an ergonomically designed work positioner with a padded seat and back for comfort. Mechanics, welders, and assemblers whose job requires getting underneath surfaces can now work more efficiently, while reducing muscle strain. The worker can adjust the back angle from approximately 100 deg (nearly vertical) to 170 deg (nearly horizontal) for maximum support. The operator can lock the unit in position while working.

Eidos Corp.

Circle 274

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