Suggestions & Solutions – 2000-07-01

Make it move Linear and Rotary Positioning Systems and Controls Guide contains the most comprehensive line of standard mechanical and control products available.

By Staff July 1, 2000

Make it move

Linear and Rotary Positioning Systems and Controls Guide contains the most comprehensive line of standard mechanical and control products available. The 800-p guide presents detailed product overviews, application examples, and specifications. It also includes nearly 100 pp of engineering information, sizing worksheets, and ISO specifications.

Industrial Devices Corp.

Circle 251

Where to use fiberglass grating

Chemical Compatibility Guide lists chemical compounds from acetic acid to zinc salts, along with different concentrations. Molded and pultruded fiberglass grating is rated for use with these chemicals based on maximum temperatures and resin compositions. Ratings include recommended, not recommended, and testing recommended.

Seasafe, Inc.

Circle 252

Strike up the cylinder band

Pneumatic Band Cylinder Sizing & Selection software is an advanced program that provides a list of all potential solutions, complete with specifications and recommended accessories ranked by price. End users can download the complimentary software and eliminate the need for time-consuming research and benchmarking. The software guides the user through each screen with prompts.


Circle 253

Straight talk on rotary compressors

Rotary Air Compressor Selection Guide presents several types, including screw, sliding vane, and scroll. Capacity controls, instrumentation, and related accessories are also provided. The fundamental working principles of the compressor types are presented with photographs and illustrations, supplemented by a comprehensive glossary of terms.

Compressed Air & Gas Institute

Circle 254

Fans all the time

HRS 2000 catalog features air moving equipment available in stock and ready to ship from three locations. It offers panel fans, cool blast and utility fans, upblast and hooded roof ventilators, and fiberglass wall ventilators for general ventilation needs. There are accessories for all these items. A variety of adjustable pitch propeller assemblies are available for cooling towers and heat exchangers.

Hartzell Fan, Inc.

Circle 255

Rig cranes safely

Rigging Safety Valley training video helps prevent property damage and personal injury. Critical topics covered include types of rigging; selection, care, and use of rigging; load control and dynamics; identifying and avoiding potential hazards; and examples of all types and sizes of cranes. The 7-min video is ideal for training or quick refresher courses.

Summit Training Source, Inc.

Circle 256

How to be a dim bulb

Fluorescent Systems Technical Guide is a comprehensive reference tool that assists users in selecting the best dimming components for any project. Especially helpful for specifiers, the updated guide includes information on the newest lighting controls and ballasts, as well as compact fluorescent dimming ballasts.

Lutron Electronics Co., Inc.

Circle 257

Go in the right circles

A new handheld device determines the rotation of any electric motor in seconds. The motion rotation detector features a microprocessor able to sense the magnetic field of an energized motor and identify its rotational direction at the touch of a button. The device works on all 60-cycle, ac motors.

Bell & Gossett

Circle 258

Convey safely

Conveyor Safety by George A. Schultz, PE, takes a systems approach to safe design, focusing on the intent, purpose, and operation. Critical information in the book, such as owner/operator responsibility in ensuring safe function, how and where OSHA standards apply, conveyor hazards, accident risk in design and installation, potential danger zones for guarding conveyors, and what conveyor information should be provided to employees are included.

American Society of Safety Engineers

Circle 259

Get a racy raceway

A bulletin presents PAN-WAY T-45 surface raceway, a two-piece, multi-channel capable system used to route, protect, and conceal data, voice, fiber optic, or power cabling. The system defines a new size class with the exclusive ability to route 34 Category 5 cables (8-17 workstations) within a small 2-3/8-in. footprint. Features include UL-5A listing to 600 V and CSA certified to 300 V. The raceway is tamper resistant, yet allows easy access.

Panduit Corp.

Circle 260

Drain water not oil

Spill Busters Drain Protectors is an easy and efficient way to prevent oil from entering floor drains. The absorbent material is inserted into the drain opening and prevents hydrocarbon-based materials from passing through. It does not prevent the passage of water. All oil remains above the drain surface. The device helps users to be environmentally responsible by keeping hydrocarbons out of sewer systems. It also eliminates the costly cleaning of oil-clogged drains.

Can-Ross Environmental Services, Ltd.

Circle 261

Easy pickings for valves and connectors

Instrumentation Valve and Connector inPHorm software, Version 2.0, is designed for quick, easy, and accurate selection of valves and connectors. The software is free as a CD or downloaded from the internet. Built-in tools prohibit the improper selection of components and seals that fall outside of operating conditions. The most powerful feature in the systematic design portion is a valve sizer that provides a selection capable of meeting mass or volumetric flow requirements in strict conformance with ANSI/ISA equations.

Instrumentation Valve Div., Parker Hannifin Corp.

Circle 262

How hot is hot?

Model 724 has measure and source functions that can test and calibrate almost any temperature instrument. Features make it possible to measure and source/simulate RTDs, thermocouples, volts, and ohms to test and calibrate temperature sensors and transmitters; and simultaneously view and input/ output data on an easy-to-read (measure/source) dual display.

Fluke Corp.

Circle 263

A bearing just for you

MTO – The Source for Custom Bearing Solutions introduces made-to-order bearing capabilities. MTO provides custom solutions to accommodate special configurations or specifications in a vast array of industrial applications. Available modifications can be made, such as duplex grinding and dimensional stabilization for extreme temperature operation.

MRC Bearing Service

Circle 264

What’s in the oil?

Laboratory analysis service meets the challenges of keeping a plant running smoothly and efficiently. This comprehensive approach to oil analysis includes advanced screening instruments and premium lab services that offer a choice of predefined machine test bundles. These bundles allow the user to select the correct analysis tests for specific machines.

Entek IRD

Circle 265

Safety and spill source

This 48-p guide contains information on everything from personal protective equipment, safety books, and software, to products for the cleanup, storage, and transportation of hazardous materials.


Circle 266

What if I had a water hammer?

Water Hammer Potential Calculator located at the company web site is completely automatic and entirely self-contained. Simply enter basic information about the system and the calculator computes the water hammer or shock potential for the system. Visitors can run “what if” scenarios. Changes in system parameters are instantly reflected in the calculations.

Hayward Industrial Products, Inc.

Circle 267

This is a scary tale

Hooded Swirl-Off scarifier virtually eliminates cleanup, is environmentally responsible, and removes unwanted hard-coating material easier, faster, and safer. The hood attaches to a vacuum to capture dust and particles that are stripped away. The unit is better than most hand scrapping, sand blasting, shot blasting, or chemicals. The tool’s rotating clusters of cutters scour surfaces to rapidly remove paint, rust, scale, and other hard coatings with virtually no clean up.

The Desmond-Stephan Mfg. Co.

Circle 268

Be contained

NatPack-X cubic yard-size, intermediate bulk container (IBC) is authorized for all three UN packaging groups (I, II, and III). With a capacity over 2500 lb., the container does not require pallet strapping to comply with HM 181 Performance Oriented Packaging requirements for UN 11G IBC. It ships and stores flat, is easy to assemble, is totally incinerable, and its four-way entry pallet makes it easy to handle when filled.

National Packaging Services, Inc.

Circle 269

Don’t get smoke in your eyes

Video smoke detection (VSD) system bridges the gap between closed-circuit television (CCTV) and fire protection by being the first CCTV system that works as an early warning smoke detector. VSD is a computer-based image analysis system that looks for smoke in the video image. The system simultaneously monitors up to eight video cameras with each view subdivided into ten windows, providing up to 80 areas of protection.

Vindicator Technologies

Circle 270

Sense flow in many fluids

Type 8025 and 8035 paddlewheel flow transmitters are available for continuous, highly accurate measurements and batch control for neutral and aggressive, solid-free liquids. They are designed for easy fluid control system integration in pipe sizes from 1/2-16-in. diameter. The units feature local flow display with two programmable set points, two totalizers, three dosing modes, and external binary input.

Burkert Contromatic Corp.

Circle 271

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