Suggestions and Solutions – 2000-11-01

By Staff November 1, 2000

Don’t take a fall

Fall Prevention & Protection Training ToolBox provides a comprehensive package that includes a CD-ROM, 20-min video entitled Gravity Kills-Defy It!, instructor and participant training manuals, and certificates and posters. The kit helps instructors address all the components of fall prevention and protection with a goal of reducing the risk of serious injuries and fatalities at work sites.

Dalloz Fall Protection

Circle 251

Find motor and drive info fast

Version 6.0 of the interactive Electronic Catalog on CD-ROM allows users to instantly access a wide variety of technical information on over 5500 different motors and drives. Product information includes nameplate data, dimension drawings, performance and test data, replacement parts, and installation and operating manuals.

Baldor Electric Co.

Circle 252

Isolate the fluid and pressure

Minigauge 3800 digital pressure gauge features an isolated sensor that allows the product to be compatible with a number of process fluids that would be corrosive to nonisolated sensors. The sensor eliminates the need for an internal diaphragm and fill fluid. The gauge has a pressure range up to 10,000 psi with an accuracy of

Meriam Instrument

Circle 253

Don’t go to the birds

Stainless steel Bird Spike 2001 offers the widest coverage of any steel spike system available. The 10-yr guaranteed spikes are available in 3-in. and 5-in. widths for most applications. Because they come in 2-ft sections, users can cut installation time by 50%. The design provides extra strength and does not rust or deteriorate under extreme conditions.


Circle 254

Watch your emergency valves

ValvGuard allows plant operators to test and monitor emergency shutdown (ESD) and emergency venting (ESV) valves on-line and store the test results automatically for auditing purposes. The result is a higher level of diagnostic coverage and assurance the ESD and ESV valves operate if an incident, such as a fire or explosion, occurs that might threaten equipment and personnel.

Neles Automation

Circle 255

Never have a dry battery

PS-300 water deionizer system removes dissolved impurities from tap water, making it comparable to distilled water for use in industrial batteries. This system removes dissolved impurities such as platinum, manganese, nickel, copper, iron, and chloride salts, which reduce the life and performance of batteries. The system is equipped with a water purity light to indicate when to change cartridges.

Philadelphia Scientific

Circle 256

Find filters online

A new web site helps process engineers and other professionals learn about, source, and buy brand name filters and filtration products directly over the internet. eFilter ( offers more than 75,000 products for use in a wide range of industries.

Beacon E-Commerce

Circle 257

Detect O2 in tight spaces

TS420 oxygen deficiency detector monitors and recognizes oxygen depletion continuously in tightly confined spaces. Featuring an electrochemical cell sensing element, a two-wire, loop-powered design and adjustment-free calibration, the device delivers highly reliable protection in potentially reduced oxygen environments. The unit measures 1.75 in. 3 4.5 in. and weighs only 8 oz.

General Monitors

Circle 258

How do we make this?

Manufacturing Interactive is a computer-based, multimedia training program to help people learn about manufacturing environments. Suitable for novices or veterans looking for a refresher course, this CD-ROM describes key terms and concepts, demonstrates how manufacturing plants operate, and explains financial matters and other issues important to the manufacturing industry.

Arthur Andersen

Circle 259

Leather gloves wash clean

Washables leather gloves are used in all types of industries. Leathers are fabricated with special tanning technology that allows them to be machine-washed and dried without showing the effects of water, detergent, or high heat. The leather resists shrinking, cracking, or hardening to extend the wear life and make the gloves cost-effective.

Wells Lamont Industry Group

Circle 260

It’s not the heat; it’s the humidity

Model CT485B plots temperature and relative humidity on double-sided, 8-in. chart paper, in red and blue chart lines. The chart lines appear on the front display at the flick of a switch. The unit comes with high and low alarm points for audible and relay contact. The magnetic hub allows for easy chart removal and installation.

Omega Engineering

Circle 261

Tools can be safe

Proceed With Caution is a safety program that includes three videos covering a range of tool safety topics. Hand Tools & Ergonomics deals with the basic rules that apply when using hand tools. Knives & Blades takes a close look at the proper way to handle some of the most dangerous tools used in the workplace. Strike & Struck Tools explores the safest way to handle hammers, chisels, and punches.

Stanley-Proto Industrial Tools

Circle 262

See how hot it is

ThermaCAM PM 695 automated infrared inspection system offers both thermal and visual imaging capabilities. The unit quickly records and stores temperature analysis data, voice, and text comments together with the images. Maintenance reports created provide all field inspection data instantly.

FLIR Systems, Boston

Circle 263

One-stop shopping

Maintenance Direct is a 1232-p catalog that offers one-stop shopping for virtually all maintenance professionals. The catalog contains a huge selection of tools, ventilation products, storage products, instrumentation, grounds maintenance supplies, and much more.

Lab Safety Supply, Inc.

Circle 264

For gearheads only

When retrofitters demand immediate replacement of planetary gearheads, they have a new, fast delivery service available to them. The Gearhead Express ships products within 24 hr, the fastest delivery available from any industry source. The program covers two of the most widely used, in-line, precision gearheads: DuraTRUE and UltraTRUE.

Thomson Industries, Inc.

Circle 265

What a workbench!

Extra heavy-duty workbench with 10,000-lb capacity is manufactured with top sizes of 34 in. 3 48, 60, or 72 in. It features a 1/4-in. steel plate top welded to a 3-in. channel frame and 3-in. 3 3/16-in. angle iron legs. The full-depth shelf has a 21/2-in. backstop 10-in. above the floor and is 271/2-in. deep.

Hodge Mfg. Co.

Circle 266

Do-it-yourself crane kits

Overhead crane kits include the machined parts of the crane (wheels, axles, etc.), fully wired controls, and miscellaneous purchased pieces (pillow blocks, gearboxes, etc.), but not the structural members. The customer supplies this simple steel and finishes the assembly of the crane according to fully detailed instructions.

North American Industries, Inc.

Circle 267

Let someone else get all steamed up

A new service assumes complete control of the steam energy system in every facility of your network-steam generation, steam delivery, heat transfer, drainage, and condensate recovery, as well as long-term system optimization through state-of-the-art preventive maintenance. This service provides a carefully focused, single point of accountability.

Armstrong Service, Inc.

Circle 268

Recover from natural disasters

Proactive Disaster Recovery Program helps minimize business interruption and includes pre-disaster preparedness and post-disaster relief. The recovery team can be onsite within 24 hr of a natural disaster to assist a company’s efforts, including cleaning and repairing equipment. The program includes multiple planning stages before a disaster occurs.

Rockwell Automation

Circle 269

Lease UVC for HVAC

UVC Emitters for IAQ control, maintenance, and energy savings can be leased through special arrangements with national companies. A selection of lease/purchase plans allows owners and operators of industrial facilities to enjoy the proven benefits of UVC for HVAC equipment at highly competitive rates. By keeping coils continuously clean, improved heat transfer saves energy costs.

Steril-Aire, Inc.

Circle 270

What’s wrong with hazcom training?

Photochecks: Find What’s Wrong: HazCom booklet features a series of real-life photos that show employees using incorrect hazard communications procedures. It challenges employees to point out incorrect procedures and suggest how to fix them through interactive participation. The booklet takes readers through five different scenarios, each dealing with some aspect of hazard communication.

Business & Legal Reports, Inc.

Circle 271

Better maintenance

Autonomous Maintenance: Shopfloor TPM Implementation training videos use a team-based approach to maintenance. The eight videos and support materials train operators, technicians, maintenance staff, and engineers to work together to maintain process and manufacturing equipment. The videos contain real-world examples of autonomous maintenance activities at leading U.S. companies.

Productivity, Inc.

Circle 272

No valve too tough to operate

Easi-drive portable valve operating system is used with manual valves in situations where valve size, pressure rating, or work environment would otherwise demand a dedicated actuator or require a work crew. By reducing valve operation to a one-man operation, the drive eliminates operator fatigue and reduces the risk of injury. The unit uses any of three power sources: pneumatic, hydraulic, or electric.

Smith Flow Control, Ltd.

Circle 273

Compare tools on the web

An interactive web site provides an easy-to-use, illustrated catalog of 3300 products with descriptions, specifications, and two-dimensional views. Product information can be searched by part number or name. A database allows users to compare tools from six competitors. A quote request feature allows users to ask for pricing and directs them to a nearby distributor.

Wright Tool Co.

Circle 274

When to use magnetic couplings

A free, 12-p catalog contains a wealth of information on MagneLink magnetic couplings, which provide soft start, vibration attenuation capabilities, and overload protection with no physical shaft-to-shaft connection. These couplings have a broad application to all types of rotating equipment, especially where vibration, misalignment, high wear, and uneven loads have caused problems with other types of couplings.

Rexnord Corp.

Circle 275

101 engineering programs

Engineering toolbox software is a Windows-based library of 101 engineering programs, each with a brief description and sample calculation. Engineering programs cover mechanical, structural, and industrial engineering; hydraulics; fluid mechanics; machine design; maintenance; shop math; and other areas. Instructions include a streamlined what-if analysis, sample input/output, and on-line help for each program.

Unik Associates, LLC

Circle 276

High-speed doors flex

TrakLine doors feature the innovative V-Flex curtain release system that allows the curtain to separate from the flexible track upon impact to help prevent door damage and downtime. This design replaces rigid track and sideframe systems, which can be susceptible to impact damage, especially if mounted in the opening.

Rite-Hite Doors, Inc.

Circle 277

Lift loads intelligently

Intelift air balancer combines mechanical balancing technology with the intelligence of precise, reliable electronic controls for the lifting and placement of components and equipment. The unit covers a capacity range of 150-1000 lb and vertical speed capability of 300 fpm with durability suited for a 100% duty cycle. The control module allows simple programming of functions with a keypad and indicator lights.

Ingersoll-Rand Co., Tool and Hoist Div.

Circle 278

Install generators properly

NECA/EGSA 404-2000, Recommended Practice for Installing Generator Sets, covers the installation of generators used for on-site power production in buildings, including emergency applications. This standard complements the NFPA 110 standard on emergency and standby power systems. NECA 404 tells how to size the feeder for a generator set, ground the unit properly, and install the exhaust and fuel systems.

National Electrical Contractors Association

Circle 279

HAZWOPER training

OSHA’s HAZWOPER regulation requires a number of specific levels of training, depending on the employee’s involvement with hazardous materials. Each HAZWOPER video training package contains programs that fulfill requirements. New training packages are Emergency Response: Awareness; Emergency Response: Operations; Emergency Response: HAZMAT Technician; and General Training.

The Marcom Group, Ltd.

Circle 280

Tags make permanent cable ID

Aluminum write-on tags make cable identification fast and easy. These exceptionally durable tags are constructed with an aluminum facing bonded to a plastic core and may be embossed in the field with a pencil or ballpoint pen. This unique combination of materials and embossing creates a weatherproof, permanent identification tag suitable for any above or below ground use.

VIP Div.

Circle 281

All you want to know about hot stuff

Solution Source for Steam, Air, and Water Systems is a comprehensive technical manual on a CD. Information on hundreds of related products is easily accessed. Nine product sections include steam trapping and tracing, condensate recovery, pressure and temperature controls, water heating and mixing, heating and cooling coils, radiators, strainers, air vents, and liquid drains. A final section is devoted to service, training, and warranties.

Armstrong Intl., Inc.

Circle 282

Have you checked your oil lately?

Oils security system is designed to detect the degradation of oil. The system provides automatic viscosity and temperature measurement and water contamination indication of lubricating oils. It measures viscosity without the need for sampling or equipment shutdown. Viscosity is compared to the ISO performance specifications of the oil. Early detection of lubricant degradation helps extend equipment life, eliminates unnecessary oil changes, and reduces oil disposal costs.

Trico Mfg. Corp.

Circle 283

Get clean, dry compressed air

Compressed Air Treatment Solutions CD helps users select dryer and filter models, see the relationships between various air system parameters, determine the amount of water that will be removed by a particular treatment system, and gain a greater understanding of the basic principles of air treatment. A calculator shows the relationships between dew points, volume rates, pressures, and water removal amounts from the compressor inlet to the drying system outlet.

Van Air Systems, Inc.

Circle 284

See lots of electronic tools

Master sourcebook is a 300-p, full-color catalog containing thousands of products for electronic servicing from leading manufacturers, including many new items. The publication features an extensive selection of tool kits, cases and carts, test equipment, hand and power tools, wire and cable, soldering equipment, computer and LAN products, telecom test equipment, workstations, and much more.

Jensen Tools, Inc.

Circle 285

A cylinder for all jobs

Catalog FO-700 provides technical information, dimensional drawings, model numbers, and pricing for space-saving stainless steel and aluminum extruded body cylinders. Designed to reduce machine space and weight, the Flat, EF, and Twin Bore Series are available in various models.

Bimba Mfg. Co.

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