Submission Entry Form for TOP PLANT

By Plant Engineering Staff May 10, 2005

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The Plant Engineering TOP PLANT awards recognize industrial plants that effectively utilize the plant engineering function to achieve outstanding operational results.

More specifically, TOP PLANT seeks to:

  • Demonstrate the contribution of the plant engineering function in supporting overall plant profitability and performance

  • Identify plants that have achieved a high level of operational excellence

  • Identify best practices in plant engineering management

  • Identify quantifiable levels of excellence for manufacturing/processing plants and the plant engineering function.

    • Eligibility

      All industrial plant sites engaged in manufacturing or processing operations are eligible to apply for recognition. (In the United States, these plants fall within SIC codes 20-39 or NAICS codes 311-339.) Recognition will be given to individual plant sites, not to companies, divisions, or departments.

      A plant site receiving “TOP PLANT” recognition may not reapply the following year.

      Confidentiality and nondisclosure

      All applications, data, and evaluation information submitted will remain proprietary and confidential. Plants selected for recognition will be contacted for the release of information and data.

      Plants not selected for recognition will remain anonymous.

      Each applicant will be identified by a code released only to the applicant to which it is assigned. Data will be used only in the aggregate and will not be identified with any specific entrant except by code.


      Applications for the Plant Engineering TOP PLANT program will be evaluated by the staff of Plant Engineering magazine and such other knowledgeable people as they may deem appropriate. Their decisions will be final and will not be subject to review by any outside party.


      Up to 10 plants will be selected annually from among applicants for TOP PLANT recognition. Each plant will be honored by coverage in the December issue of Plant Engineering magazine and a special presentation during the National Plant Engineering & Facilities Management Show.

      Definition of plant engineering

      Plant engineering is the function responsible for planning, designing, specifying, installing, modifying, operating, managing, and maintaining plant facilities, systems, and equipment. Personnel in the plant engineering function are typically involved with:

      Electric power distribution and application


      Fluid and mechanical power transmission

      Air conditioning, ventilation, and refrigeration

      Process and space heating

      Fluid handling

      Compressed air

      Materials handling

      Construction and buildings

      Maintenance of facilities and production equipment

      Fire protection, safety, and health

      Environmental concerns


      Instruments and controls

      Energy systems and management.

      Application procedure

      Applications may be obtained by contacting Plant Engineering magazine or by downloading from

      Applicants must use the official application form. Applications may be submitted in print, on CD, or by e-mail attachment. Digital forms must be in MS Word format.

      All materials must be submitted in a single package.

      Application fee is $500. Checks should be payable to Plant Engineering.

      Application forms and fees must be received in the offices of Plant Engineering magazine by 5:00 p.m. CDT, Thursday, September 1, 2006.


      April %%MDASSML%% applications available
      September 1%%MDASSML%% deadline for applications and fees
      September %%MDASSML%% selections finalized, honorees notified
      December %%MDASSML%% feedback documents distributed


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