Square D upgrades site with education, training

By Plant Engineering Staff December 1, 2005

Square D Services for Schneider Electric has revised its Web site to provide more diverse content, along with a revamped structure that allows for more intuitive navigation for users. In addition to a more detailed list of service product and training offerings, updated content includes a comprehensive listing of arc-flash resources, along with information on both current and previously discontinued Square D products. The Web site can still be found at https://www.squared-services.com .

Education is an important aspect of the revised site. For example, the Arc Flash Safety section contains information from Square D and other resources about the dangers arc-flash incidents represent and the various methods of protection that are available. The Training section provides information about Square D University, the company’s customer educational and training courses, while the Literature section lists Square D brochures, handouts, instruction/data bulletins and articles that can be downloaded.