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A Blueprint for Managing Automation Obsolescence

Learn how migration planning, a method for managing the lifecycle of your equipment, can help you identify and reduce automation-obsolescence, improve upgrade effectiveness and save you time and money.
By CFE Media November 4, 2014

Manufacturers and other industrial operations are increasingly facing a critical Image courtesy of: Rockwell Automationdecision point when it comes to automation obsolescence. Their assets are aging and they must determine the best path forward. According to ARC Advisory Group, more than $65 billion worth of legacy automation assets in operation today are reaching the end of their useful life.

In the past, operating automation equipment beyond the date of discontinuation was a nonissue, as it was not uncommon for automation suppliers to continue supporting products well past their original expected life. The recent recession, however, dramatically affected the entire chain of automation users, their OEM suppliers and the OEM’s upstream component suppliers.

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