Solving the downtime dilemma: Looking beyond your top 10 issues

Activplant offers a free 1-hour webinar for manufacturing professionals June 11

By Plant Engineering Staff May 12, 2008

Historically attacking downtime with numerous reports including top 10 downtime issues was thought to be the most effective way to increase overall operational performance. This webinar on June 11 at 11 a.m. Eastern time will show how performance management solutions can take downtime reporting further by incorporating a more modern approach — throughput analysis – to your manufacturing performance operations. Throughput analysis focuses on the most effective method for acquiring data that causes plant inefficiencies.

Richard Aston and Mel Boulds of Ricoh will discuss the performance improvements that Ricoh realized by implementing a throughput analysis approach to their manufacturing operations. Dennis Cocco, founder and chief product strategist of Activplant will challenge the viewpoint that focusing on downtime reporting is the most effective way to improve plant performance.

Speakers include

After the presentation, participate in a live Q&A session with these industry thought leaders. To register, go to the Activplant registration page .