Solutions – 2005-06-01 – 2005-06-01

By Staff June 1, 2005

Removing barbed fittings

Problem : Several air lines with barbed fittings are connected to a piece of equipment and are in the way for maintenance. How can I easily remove them?

Solution : Leave the fitting in the hose. Unscrew the fitting, much like a union, from the machine, rather than straining to pull the hose off. When done reverse the procedure.

This tip was originally published in September 1997.

Pulling pins

Problem : Removing a dowel pin broken below the surface in a blind hole can be a chore (1). Is there an easy way to remove the pin?

Solution : Use a hand grinder to put a small center in the broken pin (2). Drill through the pin (3). Push Silly Putty into the hole with a slip fit pin (4). Hammer in more putty and the broken pin will slide out (5).

This tip was originally published in September 1998.

Calculating metric tapping drills

Problem : Many machines today use metric bolts and holes must be tapped in metric. is there an easy way to determine what metric drill size to use?

Solution : Subtract the thread pitch from the metric bolt size and you have the answer. For example, to drill for an 8-mm bolt with a pitch of 1.25 means the proper drill bit size is 6.75 mm. (8-1.25=6.75).

This tip was originally published in August 2000.

Safety First…

In all cases, even if not specifically mentioned in the writeups, verify that the tip does not violate any relevant code, standard, or practice. Always use the appropriate safety equipment and procedures when applying the maintenance tips.