Solutions – 2005-02-10

By Staff February 10, 2005

Cutting with pipe nipples

Problem : How can I quickly put bolt holes in replacement flange-type gaskets when a gasket cutter is not readily available?

Solution : Take a pipe nipple with an ID close to the diameter of the bolt holes required and chamfer the end until sharp. Put the gasket on a piece of wood and strike the nipple with a hammer or use an arbor press to create the hole.

This tip was originally published in September 1997

Gripping the slot

Problem : Installing screws without having the screwdriver tip fall out of the head slot is often difficult. How can the screwdriver get a good grip?

Solution : Place a socket over the screwdriver tip and insert the screw. The socket keeps the tip in the screw head and does not interfere with installation.

This tip was originally published in September 1998.

Determining fork position

Problem : Knowing whether the forks on a lift truck are horizontal can often be a problem, particularly when the forks are inserted in a pallet. Is there a way to determine if the forks are level?

Solution : Clamp a piece of conduit or channel to the overhead guard. A quick glance comparing the position of the conduit/channel and the top of the mast indicates the position of the forks. The conduit/channel must be placed high enough to clear the crosshead of the mast when it is tilted back.

This tip was originally published in December 2000

Safety First…

In all cases, even if not specifically mentioned in the writeups, verify that the tip does not violate any relevant code, standard, or practice. Always use the appropriate safety equipment and procedures when applying the maintenance tips.