Solutions – 2004-04-08

By Staff April 8, 2004

Tach in time

Problem : A critical motor tachometer coupling has failed and a replacement is not immediately available. How can the tachometer be put back in service until proper repairs can be made?

Solution : Find a piece of rubber hose with the same ID as the tachometer and motor shafts. Use hose clamps to fasten the hose to both shafts. This should hold until a coupling is available.

Contributor : Ken Fleming, Maintenance Technician, Sealed Air Corp., Hodgkins, IL.

Can tote

Problem : Cans of paint, lubricant, and solvent must be carried to a job in a toolbox. How can the cans and tools be transported without everything falling over and getting mixed up?

Solution : Rig a toolbox with a #10 ga. wire curled at the ends and fastened to both ends of the toolbox. This provides a retainer for the cans and keeps them separate from tools.

Contributor : John F. Rosencrans, Fort Wayne, IN.

Safety First…

In all cases, even if not specifically mentioned in the writeups, verify that the tip does not violate any relevant code, standard, or practice. Always use the appropriate safety equipment and procedures when applying the maintenance tips.