Solutions – 2003-06-12 – 2003-06-12

By Staff June 12, 2003

Sandy tubing

Problem: Running a copper fuel line in close quarters is awkward, especially when you have to make bends and the line kinks. Is there a way to make kinkless bends easily?

Solution: Fill the copper tube with sand, tape both ends closed, then make your bends. When the line is properly shaped, blow out the line and flush it with oil. Now the line is ready to use.

Contributor: Ralph Bauer, JM Originals, Ellenville, NY.

Tape in tight spots

Problem: A piece of equipment goes down because insulation has rubbed off an electrical wire and caused a short. The wire is in a tight spot and you don’t want to take the equipment apart right now. Is there a way to temporarily make a repair?

Solution: If there is enough room to get one hand in the problem area, unroll and reroll some electrical tape, sticky side out. Reach in and unroll the tape around the wire with one hand.

Contributor: David Thompson, Maintenance Supervisor, Marion Steel Co., Marion, OH.

Move heavy loads

Problem: Many times large motors must have their couplings replaced or repaired. The motors are usually located in inaccessible spots. How can the motor be easily moved for repairs?

Solution: Lift one end of the motor with a pry bar and place 1/4-in. pipe nipples under the motor feet. Do the same at the other end. Now the motor can easily be moved.

Contributor: Jack Jones, Electrical Engineer, Guardian Industries, Corp., Jefferson Hills, PA.