Solutions – 2003-03-15 – 2003-03-15

By Staff March 15, 2003

More band control

Problem: Packages and bundles arrive in the shipping department banded with steel. When it is cut, the banding can harm nearby personnel. How can banding, up to 1-in. wide, be safely cut?

Solution: Take two pairs of pliers (channel locks or grip-type) and grip the banding with the jaws next to each other. Twist the pliers in opposite directions. This tears the banding and the pliers safely hold it.

Contributor: Ken Hinzman, Research Technical Specialist, BASF Corp., Wyandotte, MI.

Flapping drill

Problem: When drilling holes by hand it is difficult to control depth and to observe the drilling action because of drill chips. How can drill depth be controlled and chips be cleared away?

Solution: Wrap a piece of electrical tape around the drill bit at the drill depth required. Allow the end of the tape to hang loose. Now, when drilling, you have a depth marker and chip remover.

Contributor: Pete Gallant, Master Electrician, Aerovox, New Bedford, MA.

Wire bundles

Problem: Organizing bundles of wire for safety and neatness is difficult to do with tape. It is hard to undo and is messy. Is there a neat and easy way to bundle and unbundled wires?

Solution: An old telephone handset cord makes an excellent wire tie. Cut a 1-in. section from the cord and wrap it around the wire bundle. The wrap is easy to use and undo and looks neat.

Contributor: Patrick Knapp, Facility Engineer, Sunnen Products Co., St. Louis, MO.