Solutions – 2002-12-15 – 2002-12-15

By Staff December 15, 2002

Take care of loose ends

Problem: When inserting very large diameter stripped cable into a crimp terminal or lug, the wire strands become frayed or bent. How can the wire ends be kept together to fit into the connector?

Solution: Use a small worm gear hose clamp to compress the stripped strands into a tight bundle that fits into the terminal lug. Remove the clamp after crimping is finished.

Contributor: Pete Gallant, Electrician, Aerovox, New Bedford, MA.

Band control

Problem: Bundles of steel come into the shop tied with steel banding. When the banding is cut it can whip around and cause damage. How can the banding be controlled so it is not hazardous?

Solution: Fold a welder’s blanket or other heavy cloth into a strip approximately one foot wide by 6 feet long. Drape the blanket over the steel banding to be cut. The banding is safely trapped under the blanket.

Contributor: Bob Bobnar, Facilities Engineer, Presrite Corp., Cleveland, OH.

Dead center

Problem: It is often necessary to center punch the end of an existing shaft for drilling to add additional components or rigging points. How can you be sure you are in the center of the shaft, especially larger ones?

Solution: Turn the shaft at a low rpm. Place the center punch on the end of the shaft. You will only be able to hold it still if it is in the center of rotation. When the shaft stops, strike the center punch.

Contributor: Michael J. Lembo, Sr. Principal Project Engineer, CertainTeed Corp., Blue Bell, PA.