Solutions – 2002-11-15 – 2002-11-15

By Staff November 15, 2002

Waterproofing wire connections

• Problem: Many times, wire connections have to be made in underground or other damp locations. Is there a simple way to waterproof the connection and eliminate shorts or corrosion at the connection?

• Solution: After twisting the wire connection together, squirt a little silicon cement into the wire nut. Make the connection as usual. When the silicon dries it becomes a water tight moisture barrier.

Contributor: Ralph Dewey, BP Solvay Polyethylene, North America, Deer Park, TX.

Drilling a clean, finished hole

• Problem: Drilling a finish hole usually requires drilling a pilot hole first. How do you select a pilot drill bit so the finish drill bit doesn’t wobble and make an out-round hole?

• Solution: Select a smaller drill bit that is larger than the web of the finish drill bit. This allows the cutting edges of the finish drill bit to equally contact the part to be drilled, cutting a round, correct size hole.

Contributor: Steve Bailey, Maintenance Technician, Honeywell, SC.

Working at the right height

• Problem: Working on portable, auxiliary equipment in the maintenance shop requires bending over or sitting on a short stool. How can the job be placed to make working on it easier?

• Solution: Salvage the mast and forks from an old lift truck and permanently attach it to one post of an overhead I-beam hoist. Load the job on the forks and lift it to the right height with the hoist.

Contributor: Rick Hall, Maintenance Manager, Stelrema Corp., Knox, IN.