Solutions – 2002-10-15 – 2002-10-15

By Staff October 15, 2002

Gaskets made easy

Problem: Many times when equipment is being repaired the gaskets are damaged and must be replaced. Often they are complicated and it is difficult to get an accurate outline. Is there a way to make gaskets that will fit as well as the original?

Solution: One way to make exact copies of gaskets is to photocopy the face of the equipment that must be gasketed. An extra photocopy can be kept in the files the next time a gasket is required.

Contributor: Tracy Faulk, Brooklyn, NY.

Find the hot spot

Problem: An infrared temperature gun is an ideal way to remotely check temperatures. The readings can vary, depending on who is taking them. What can be done to ensure that the readings will be consistent, no matter who takes them?

Solution: Spray paint a 4-in. to 6-in. spot where the readings should be taken. Use flat, white paint for accurate results. The spot can easily be seen and each reader will know where to aim the gun.

Contributor: Eric Hatt, Domtar Industries, Inc., Baileyville, ME.

Airless conveyor monitor

Problem: On packaging lines, it’s not uncommon for a box or bottle to not get filled. Sometimes a noisy air jet is used to push the unfilled item off the conveyor. Is there a quieter and less expensive way to remove these unfilled articles?

Solution: Mount a flexible piece of wire or metal to the side of the conveyor so that it reaches the other side and is across the product stream. Filled items will push the gate away. Light, unfilled items will be deflected off the conveyor.

Contributor: James Vandervoort, Mechanical Engineer, St. Louis, MO.