By Staff January 10, 2004

Key keeper

  • Problem : Many small drill presses and small milling machines don’t have a convenient tool holder. How can chuck keys and small bits be kept handy?

  • Solution : Place a large bar magnet inside a plastic bag and place it on a metal part of the machine tool. This will keep chuck keys and several bits close by and free of chips.

    • Contributor : Bob Courtwright, ShowShine MotorSports, Evans, GA.

      Rolling snake

    • Problem : Pushing a wire snake through conduit can be difficult; the snake can get hung up. Is there an easy way to make the snake behave and move through the conduit?

    • Solution : Drill a hole through a wooden ball that is smaller than the conduit ID. Bend a piece of wire to look like a paint roller handle. Attach the ball to the wire, and the wire to the snake. The ball will easily roll through the conduit.

      • Contributor : Ralph Dewey, BP Solvay Polyethylene North America, Deer Park, TX.

        Save pallet lumber

      • Problem : Sometimes large pallets can’t be reused but have good pieces of lumber on them. Is there a way to salvage the lumber without wrecking it?

      • Solution : Use a

        • Contributor : Ralph Bauer, JM Originals, Inc., Ellenville, NY.

          Safety First…

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