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By Staff January 10, 2004

Serial device microserver

IServer, an addition to the EIS-W Series is a simple, economical way to connect serial devices to an Ethernet network and the internet. Web pages allow quick and easy device configuration for your specific application without special software. Getting started with the server is simplified because it takes a dynamically assigned IP address from a DHCP server on your network.

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Lockout software

FactorySolutions is a web-based software program that provides a systematic solution to OSHA lockout standard, 29CFR1910.147 and includes a continuous compliance process, plant-wide audits, machine-specific graphical lockout procedures with bar code, and programmed PDAs for required annual audits. Software allows users to organize graphical files, access files electronically, track events and document revisions, work within a secure online system and manage the change process in the manufacturing environment.

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