Software & Computers

By Staff August 6, 2003

Flat panel monitors

Near Field Imaging (NFI) technology is built into a line of 28 new flat panel monitors. The touch screens offer durability beyond that of traditional capacitive touch screens, and can be used with almost any stylus or a gloved hand. Available in clean and antiglare finish, the monitors are mechanically identical to the standard and resistive touch screen-based products.

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Extended software capabilities

System 1 version 4.0 is an updated plant asset management (PAM) software program. The new version features new capabilities that allow additional connectivity to the company’s data sources, as well as sources from other companies. It also features enhanced display and data storage, advanced decision functions, and an interface to maintenance management software. Connectivity enhancements include an OPC client/server interface, support for wireless sensor bus architecture, and support for third-party monitors and hardware data sources.

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