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By Staff October 10, 2003

OPC breaks internet barrier

The OPC Foundation released its OPC (OLE for process control) XML (extensible markup language) Data Access (XML DA) specification in August as part of a move toward platform-independent interoperability and generic support for internet-based web services. The new specification provides the gateway to the internet for OPC data and information to be transferred to and from any OPC-enabled device. This capability allows OPC support to be added to any device on the plant floor capable of supporting a web service, facilitating data and information communication seamlessly and transparently among devices, independent of the operating system and networking technology that each device employs.

Enhanced vision software

FrameWork 2.6 machine vision software features include common interface to vision sensors with enhanced functionality; improved color learning options; the addition of XML communication for inspection data, which allows the meaning of values to be transmitted through XML tags; image filtering for noise; calibration in nanometers; improved barcode reading capability; and improved memory management.

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Industrial computer

I-Station is a compact and robust industrial computer designed to operate in harsh environments. The computer operates on Windows platforms and offers a 15-in. flat panel touch screen that can be viewed in various lighting conditions and operated in harsh environments. It offers four serial ports, 800-MHz processor, 40-Gb drive, and has flexible network options, including 802.11b wireless.

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Asset management support

Strategic Asset Management Methodology (SAMM) is an offering of services that enables users to get the most from MAXIMO. Its methodology combines best practices management, project management, and operation/change management methodologies to enhance the operation of asset management software. Professional services offered by the company helps users prioritize assets according to criticality.

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