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By Staff December 10, 2004

Small computer

LPC-401FL fanless computer system is small enough to fit in the palm of the hand. Compact and rugged computer is ideal for embedded control, digital signs, interactive kiosks, thin-clients, and HMI applications. Robust aluminum chassis is 10 in. x 5.82 in. x 2.79 in. for space-challenged applications.

Stealth Computer Corp. Write 328 on PE card

PCI communication card

PCI-AC48 is an isolated, high-speed adapter card designed to link RS-485 serial devices with computers using the standard peripheral component interconnect (PCI) bus included on most PCs. The card supports communication with the company’s serial I/O systems and is intended to be an alternative to devices that operate on older ISA buses, which are becoming difficult to source.

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