Software & Computers – 2004-02-10

By Staff February 10, 2004

DAQ software

instruNet World Plus is a data acquisition (DAQ) software program for Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP that enables users to digitize, plot, control, analyze, and save to disk A/D, D/A, and digital I/O data from instruNet hardware. Software enables users to customize instrument front panels with buttons, popup menus, edit fields, dynamic text, text editor regions, and waveform graphs. Tasks such as PID or on/off control loops, multiwaveform signal generation, and mathematical calculations can be updated in real time.

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Enhanced EAM/CMMS

Synergen Series EAM/CMMS software has been enhanced with expanded compatible unit (CU) functionality, which provides new tools to streamline design, construction, and regulatory reporting activities. A CU is a design element used by engineers that includes materials, labor, instructions, and equipment that represent standard units of work. CUs also include specific accounting information that depends on the resulting asset’s function and usage.

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HMI touch screen terminals

Magelis XBT-G family of Ethernet-enabled, touch-screen terminals comes in 5, 7, 10, and 12-in. screen sizes. Touch screen family offers a comprehensive dynamic object library that reduces configuration time; Ethernet TCP/IP, Modbus, and Uni-Telway connectivity; and Java scripting. Windows 2000 or XP-compatible configuration software features speed, numerous character fonts, and multiple languages.

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