Software and Computers – 2003-01-15

By Staff January 15, 2003

Case history

Integrating EAM software

Responding to a corporate initiative to standardize its enterprise ERP systems, Metaldyne’s Sintered Components plant in St. Marys, PA, required a migration from a heavily used enterprise asset management (EAM) software program to a system that could support its ERP system. The directive meant changing to a new software package. The plant’s maintenance staff had stretched the limits of its existing software package even before the directive had been issued.

The transition team examined different EAM applications that would also integrate with its new ERP platform. It needed a new EAM solution that would link to MFG/PRO and provide a seamless environment. The team finally selected MLS, developed by FBO Systems, Inc. (FBOS). MLS is a fully integrated EAM that helps manufacturing companies manage plant maintenance, projects, MRO inventory, and procurement.

In just five weeks, the software was running. A few weeks later, the new EAM solution was providing real-time integration with the ERP software with instant success.

The Metaldyne maintenance staff is constantly looking at the software and reviewing equipment history. It wants to do even more analysis on the equipment to better track the repair costs versus production usage.

HART configuration

CONF 401 is a configuration software package that enables a desktop PC to serve as a full-featured configurator and device manager for HART protocol instruments. Designed to run on both Windows and UNIX platforms, it provides a user-friendly, multiplatform solution for managing these devices. It allows users to configure devices, test and adjust network settings, modify instrument operations, analyze data, and manage HART networks. It provides online access to device information, configuration, remote monitoring, calibration and range setting, diagnostics, and maintenance. Smar International Corp. Write 300 on PE card

Plant asset monitoring

Asset Manager PKS is a program designed to increase control system effectiveness by automatically and continuously monitoring the condition of plant assets. Embedded with Experion PKS, it enables employees with knowledge-driven applications and technologies to capture and manage information to optimize production and improve profitability. Honeywell Industry Solutions Write 301 on PE card

Conceptual modeler

PLS-Router is a simple to use conceptual modeler, designed for use in front-end engineering design (FEED), built on Bentley’s MicroStation platform. It is the combination of a process plant layout system and an automatic 3D pipe routing system. The system delivers practical, cost-optimized piping routes. The total length of piping required can be determined as well as numbers of bends, material costs, and evaluation costs. Alias Limited Write 302 on PE card