By Staff May 1, 2005

Quality assurance

Synergy 2000 is used in quality assurance applications to monitor and react to process variations during production and inspection. The software provides a full complement of tools that support Six Sigma quality initiatives, and can assist companies that want to monitor processes at multiple locations in real time. It runs on all Windows 32-bit operating systems. A free demonstration version of the program can be downloaded from the Internet.

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Chemical management

Gatekeeper is the newest module for a web-based Chemical Management System. CMS lowers the cost of automating a company’s chemical management tasks. Gatekeeper speeds and manages the multiple processes of screening chemicals prior to purchase, tracking approvals, managing inventory, and accounting for chemicals within the company. The process begins by prescreening a chemical against a library of government and health/safety lists; enterprises can also upload their own criteria to initiate or manage corporate objectives, such as banning carcinogens or reducing hazardous air pollutants.

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Collect and aggregate real-time plant data

Proficy Historian Version 3.0 plant-wide data historian collects, archives and distributes real-time, plant-floor production data with improved ease of use and high availability. Users can collect and aggregate real-time plant data from multiple sources and quickly identify the root causes of undesirable events such as equipment failures and product quality in order to achieve peak performance. The software suite easily integrates with existing plant floor systems and improves data management through new OPC alarm and events collection and storage capabilities, boosts uptime through redundancy and high availability functionality, provides coexistence and integration with OSIsoft’s PI systems through two-way data sharing, and expands national language support for faster and easier global implementation.

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AutoCAD software

Software has been released for application on AutoCAD 2006. AutoCAD 2006 builds on the success of earlier versions of MultiSTEEL and MultiREBAR that maximize the benefits of the latest AutoCAD platform.

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