SME releases revised guide on composites manufacturing

The second edition of Fundamentals of Composites Manufacturing: Materials, Methods, and Applications focuses on materials and composites manufacturing methods.

By Staff December 7, 2007

The Society of Manufacturing Engineers recently released Fundamentals of Composites Manufacturing: Materials, Methods, and Applications, second edition. Building on the foundation of the first edition, the revised and expanded book describes recent advances, adding key information, case studies, and examples that will broaden knowledge of composites materials and manufacturing methods.
The book focuses first on materials, with several chapters devoted to describing the basic materials that are assembled to create composite structures. Readers will learn about matrix properties; polyesters; epoxies; specialty and high-performance resins; thermoplastics; ceramic and metal matrix composites; reinforcements; reinforcement forms; testing and properties; design; and sandwich structures, joints, and finishing. Secondly, the book describes composites manufacturing methods, providing tips for getting the best results that weigh the required material properties against cost and production efficiency. “Fundamentals of Composites Manufacturing” covers the open molding of engineering and advanced composites; compression molding; resin infusion technologies; filament winding and fiber placement; pultrusion; thermoplastic molding; damage prevention and repair; factory issues; the business of composites; and composites applications.
Fully illustrated, the book presents the details of why composite materials behave the way they do. Each chapter begins with an overview of key points and includes a laboratory experiment to reinforce key concepts. Chapters conclude with follow-up questions and a summary of key points.