Smart technology on the grid for Congress

A big portion of the Federal Government’s stimulus package – $4.5 billion, according to Cnet News – is planned to go for the development and implementation of smart grid technology. But in recent testimony to Congress this week, executives from NIST and NEMA said that money could be squandered if distributed before standards for the technology are put into place.
By Plant Engineering Staff March 6, 2009

Smart Grid technology may be a wave of the future, but right now its development may be running up against some major breakers.
In recent testimony to Congress, National Institute of Standards and Technology deputy director Patrick Gallagher and NEMA president and CEO Evan Gaddis joined other industry leaders in cautioning against the technology’s haphazard implementation. According to a Cnet report , without proper standards in place to guide the use of Smart Grid technology, which have yet to be defined and published, problems ranging from incompatible componentry to obsolescence could muddle the technology’s effectiveness and waste the $4.5 billion from the Federal Government’s stimulus package that the Department of Energy is prepared to commit to the project.
Read the Cnet report here . More information is also available in this press release from NEMA.