Six questions about reliability vision companies need to answer

Companies that want to use reliability vision should ensure workers are practicing what they preach and make sure the message is transmitted across a variety of mediums.

By Shon Isenhour, Eruditio June 15, 2017

Is your reliability vision driving you forward or is it just something you hang on the wall or put on the back of your business card? If not, consider these six question to bring that reliability vision to the forefront and drive effective change in the organization.

  1. Have you created a reliability or asset management vision? Is it clear, concise, memorable, and easily explained to anyone in the organization? 
  2. Have you and your leadership team practiced communicating the vision in your own words? Ensure that even though you convey the vision in different words that the organizations hears the same message.
  3. Have you shared it with the whole organization and with multiple medias? Share it through video, text like brochures and emails, two way conversation, and training to all parts of the site. 
  4. Did your check for understanding? Two way communication is key when it comes to ensuring that what was said was heard and interpreted correctly. Ask questions. Listen intently. 
  5. Have you empowered others to act toward the vision with a plan and deadlines for completion? It is critical to have a master plan.
  6. Did you celebrate your success? As the organization completes steps in the plan and moves closer to the vision, celebrate those completed steps. Use them to create a pull in the organization for the elements of the vision. This will make getting to that vision much easier and efficient. 

These six questions on reliability vision are often missed. Use them as a checklist prior to or during your improvement project.

Shon Isenhour is a founding partner at Eruditio and is a part of Plant Engineering’s editorial advisory board. This article originally appeared on Eruditio’s blogEruditio is a CFE Media content partner. Edited by Chris Vavra, production editor, CFE Media,

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