Single-axis motion control

By Plant Engineering Staff April 25, 2007

The IndraMotion for Trans system, scalable single axis control solution is specifically designed to replace legacy motion controls found in thousands of metal cutting tools. The system consists of the power amplifier and a scalable controller section, which offers an integrated IEC61131-3 PLC and includes ready-to-use software. Project data management, startup, adaptations and reuse of engineering are easy to do with the uniform engineering software. The IndraDrive uses uniform power and controller sections (to 160 kW) and can operate induction, permanent magnet, rotary or linear motors using standard position feedback systems. The drive can be equipped with EN954-1 Category 3 compliant Safety on Board technology. Redundant control provides a 2 millisecond response time. Modes such as safe drive lockout, safe operational stop, reduced speed, safe directions, etc., and direct control of the safety door lock, plus background wire pulse testing, increase safety and productivity.

Bosch Rexroth Corp.