By Staff April 15, 2002

Identify crane capacity

Problem: Many times it is difficult to see the capacity of hoists and cranes. Load capacities can be posted on the bridge, hoist, or block. Occasionally, there are two different load capacity hoists on the same bridge. Even when marked correctly, the signs are hard to read if they are dirty.

Solution: Have pipe wrap markers made to read the tonnage capacity of the crane or hoist (1/2, 2, 5 ton). Put them on the pendant control of the crane or hoist.

Contributor: Douglas Ohime, Maintenance Foreman, Weil-McLain,

Michigan City, IN

Starting bolts in cramped quarters

Problem: Installing mounting bolts on some motors, pumps, relays, etc. can be difficult, especially in cramped compartment spacing with manifolds, wiring, gauges, and sensors in the way. How can the bolts be started without removing other equipment?

Solution: Slot the threaded ends of the mounting bolts. Using a screwdriver from the opposite side through the threaded hole can now easily start the bolts, where there is often more room to work.

Contributor: Larry Lueder, Mechanical Engineer, U.S. Navy, Philadelphia, PA

Loss-proof extension cord

Problem: Tool carts are used to bring equipment to the job, including electrically powered tools. Many times extension cords are needed to reach an outlet, but they are nowhere to be found. How can you make sure you will always have an extension cord around?

Solution: Mount a GFCI receptacle to the tool cart. Attach as long an extension cord as required to the receptacle. No more lost extension cord.

Contributor: John P. Conery, Plant Engineer, UMG Manufacturing & Logistics, Inc., Gloversville, NY