Simple Solutions – 2002-08-08

By Staff August 8, 2002

Lost chuck keys

Problem: Drill chuck keys are usually attached to the cord for easy retrieval. Sometimes the attachment breaks and the key is lost. What can you do to be able to change bits and still use the drill?

Solution: Use two screwdrivers, one a slotted blade and the other a phillips blade. Insert the phillips blade into the chuck hole and use the slotted blade to actuate the chuck.

Contributor: Angel L. Chacon, Packing Engineer, Procter & Gamble Co., Cayey, Puerto Rico.

Quick pipe patch

Problem: A pipe in a process line develops a leak. There is no time to shut down the process and replace the pipe. How can the leak be quickly stopped until repairs can be made?

Solution: Wrap a piece of tire inner tube and an aluminum pop can around the pipe. Hold and apply pressure to the patch with several hose clamps. The patch should hold until the pipe can be repaired.

Contributor: Jerry Davis, Maintenance Technician, Avery Dennison, Greenfield, IN.

Storing long, thin stock

Problem: Most shops have occasion to use tubing, wood trim, or similar long, thin items. They always seem to be a problem to store. Where can this type of item be kept safe and handy?

Solution: Attach three or more 6-in. brackets to a wall. Hook a 6-in. bungee cord in the top hole and keep it in place with a mounting screw. The bungee cords hold the trim in place yet allow easy removal.

Contributor: Robert C. Andreas, Sidney, OH.