Simple Solutions – 2002-06-15

By Staff June 15, 2002

A long/short plumb bob

Problem: A piece of equipment must be aligned with a support bracket set 50-ft up on a balcony. Most string plumb bobs are not that long. How can I align the bracket accurately from that height?

Solution: Attach a key chain laser to 2-ft of string at the key ring. Tape the button down so the laser beam stays on. Hang the laser plumb bob and mark the spot on the floor below.

Contributor: Anthony Terry, Engineering, DHCompounding, Clinton, TN

Handy drill bit check

Problem: You need to drill a hole and discover the drill bit is dull and won’t cut and you have no spare. How can you sharpen the drill bit by hand and be sure you have the correct angle and center flat?

Solution: Sharpen the drill, trying to get both flutes the same length. Get two hex nuts with flats the same length as the drill bit flutes. Hold the nuts together and set the drill bit into the V-shape. If the bit is ground correctly, it will fit exactly against the nuts and be centered between them.

Contributor: Steve Bailey, Maintenance Technician, Honeywell, Conway, SC.