Simple Solutions – 2002-05-13

By Staff May 13, 2002

No more rusty tools

Problem: Many toolboxes, especially metal ones, develop condensation or allow moisture to enter. When this happens the tools inside rust. How can tool rust be prevented?

Solution: To help absorb moisture and prevent tools from rusting, place a briquette of charcoal in the toolbox. the charcoal will absorb the moisture and prolong tool life. Periodically replace the charcoal briquette.

Contributor: Ralph Dewey, BP Solvay Polyethyulene North America, Der Park, TX

Working in a wire raceway

Problem: Some raceways are difficult to reach into for tightening conduit nuts. The hammer and screwdriver method risks damaging wiring when the screwdriver slips. How can conduit nuts be safely tightened?

Solution: Use a basin wrench (designed for easy tightening/loosening nuts connecting faucets in sinks to water supply lines). The wrench grips the conduit nut firmly and greatly reduces the risk of damaging wire insulation. The long handle allows easy access to nuts deep within the raceway.

Contributor: Chet White, Liebert Corp., Columbus, OH

How to clean up fast

Problem: When using a dustpan and brush, usually half the job is finding one or the other before beginning to clean up. How can both items be easily found?

Solution: Tie the dustpan and brush together with 5-ft of light rope. Now they will always be together, are easy to use, and can be hung in a convenient location for ready retrieval.

Contributor: Pete Gallant, Electrician, Aerovox, New Bedford, MA