Simple Solutions – 2002-02-15

By Staff February 15, 2002

No room for hands

Problem: It is often impossible to hold a nut in place with your hand and start the bolt threads because the space is too narrow. Is there a way to reach in and hold the nut so the bolt can be started?

Solution: Place the nut in the opening of a box wrench. Tape the edge of the nut in place, but do not cover the threads in the nut. Now, you can spot the nut and thread and tighten the bolt into it.

When finished, the tape tears away when the wrench is removed.

Contributor: Wallace Rowe, Knight Industries, Auburn Hills, MI.

Preserving hole saws

Problem: When using a hole saw, it is important to keep it lubricated while cutting. Most hole saw failures are due to heat. How can a hole saw be kept lubricated while it is being used?

Solution: Use the hole saw to cut through a 1-in. thick sponge. Soak the sponge in cutting oil or other lubricant. Keep the sponge in the hole saw while it is being used. Be sure to maintain the correct speed;, it is different for metals and soft materials such as wood and plastic.

Contributor: Daniel Ballew, Maintenance Engineer, Intertrade Holding, Inc., Copperhill, TN.

Smooth as ice

Problem: RTV silicone is used for numerous tasks. It is sticky and messy to work with. How can the RTV be smoothed out on a job without getting your hands all slopped up?

Solution: After applying the RTV silicone where you want it, form it or smooth it out using an ice cube as a tool. Your hands stay clean and the surface looks finished.

Contributor: Jeff Olson, Facilities Manager, Leucadia, CA.