Series of sanitary heat exchangers

The APV series of sanitary heat exchangers are designed to reduce maintenance, improve food safety, and increase process efficiency.

By SPX October 1, 2015

The APV series of sanitary heat exchangers are designed to improve food safety and increase process and are available in several different models for different applications. The APV R5 features hydraulic PLC driven frames that enables rapid maintenance with improve safety and minimizes the risk of damage to plates caused by manual operations. The Quad-Drive heat exchanges system feature plates that enable more surface area in the unit with lower media temperatures which reduces fouling. The NR5 heat exchanger is ideal for treating foods that can compromise stainless steel plates. the Vega heat exchangers offer two smaller plate sizes and are effective for use with products that foul the surface and provides flow rates up to 800 gallons per minute. The DuoSafety heat exchanger uses weld-free plate pairs to help process corrosive products such as sports drinks.