Semi-custom packaged rooftop system

Addison's PR series semi-custom packaged rooftop system improves indoor air quality and energy efficiency.

By Addison October 6, 2014

The PR-Series provides fresh air, which is critical to facilities such as schools/universities, health care facilities/hospitals and hotels/resort complexes. The PR-Series is an efficient, packaged rooftop heating and air conditioning system that offers design flexibility with a wide selection of factory options.

Available in 3 to 70 tons, this packaged rooftop unit can be used for treatment of 100% outside air and recirculating applications.The PR-Series packaged rooftop cooling system’s source side abilities include air source cooling-only, air sourceheat pump and boiler/cooling tower or geothermal water source heat pump. The product also features direct drive supply and exhaust fans; final filters not mounted in the roof curb; horizontal supply and exhaust options and 2", R13 cabinet insulation.