Schneider Electric business unit joins Clinton Climate Initiative

In an effort to help cities improve the energy efficiency of buildings and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the company’s TAC unit joins the former President’s crusade.

By Staff September 14, 2007

Schneider Electric and TAC, its building automation business unit, recently joined the Clinton Climate Initiative (CCI) in an effort to help cities around the world improve the energy efficiency of buildings and decrease greenhouse gas emissions.
“We will audit buildings, engineer efficiency measures, implement retrofits, provide performance guarantees of energy savings and work on an ongoing basis with CCI to lower total system costs,” said Arne Frank, executive vice president of Schneider Electric’s building automation business unit. “We will help gain back the wasted resources while, at the same time, usher in a new era in social responsibility.”
Schneider Electric joins a number of other companies selected for the program, which is the first project of CCI’s C40 Large Cities Climate Summit. The project brings together five of the world’s largest banks, and 16 of the world’s largest cities, in a program designed to reduce energy consumption in existing buildings.