Safety – 2005-04-01

By Staff April 1, 2005

EH&S Safety Catalog

The 2005 Cole-Parmer Environmental Health & Safety Catalog has 96 pages with a broad selection of new safety instrumentation, plus facility safety and personal protection products. Expanded product lines include air sampling, air quality, gas detection, sound, and personal safety.

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Automated Test System

The Galaxy Automated Test System for MSA portable gas detection instruments has the latest features expected in an automated recordkeeping and calibration test system. The one-button system allows users to place an instrument in a test stand and the system will automatically perform the test. It requires requiring no computer, controller or network interface. Other features include a wireless or wired network interface, instrument charging, memory card, test receipt printer and an inline gas cylinder holder. The Galaxy System also has a replaceable battery pack which can provide up to 100 tests per instrument test stand Company

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Limited combustible cables

DuPont has introduced certified limited combustible cables. The cables reduce smoke up to 20 times more than conventional, code compliant plenum cables, reducing the risk of damage to sensitive electronic equipment, such as those found in LANs and data centers.

Two communications cabling companies, DuPont and AlphaGary, worked together to make this new technology possible. On a typical network project, the company claims the cables represent less than 1 percent increase of total IT infrastructure costs, and only 5 to 10 percent higher cost than CMP cable.

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Mesh door cabinet

The new Mesh Door Cabinet by Stanley Vidmar features all steel construction, and a door with four mesh “windows” cut into its face. The cabinet was designed for storage of critical response equipment, including handguns, gas masks, ammunition, and lifesaving equipment. The mesh door lets anyone quickly see what’s in the cabinet, while keeping those items out of reach of unauthorized users. The mesh also provides airflow to evaporate moisture from uniforms and other fabrics, or to provide ventilation to heat-generating items.

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Machine safety guide

Pilz Automation Systems has published its “Guide to Machinery Safety, 6th edition” detailing machinery safety regulations and standards for the U.S. and Europe.

The 238-page reference guide information on machine safety regulations and designing machinery to meet safety needs. It also covers such issues as machine guarding, locking systems, programmable safety systems and networking of safety systems.

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Key safety interlocks

Fortress Interlocks has extended its range of mGard trapped key safety interlocks. The company’s range of modular door locks, bolt locks and key exchange units now come complete with rotary switches for power or control isolation. The company’s door module, bolt module and key exchange modules are all now available with 20A, 32A, 63A or 150A rotary switches. When a key is inserted and turned the contacts on the switch are changed. The modules can therefore be used to isolate power, controlling access to potentially hazardous areas until a safe condition has been achieved.

The rotary switches are approved to BS, CSA, GOST, IEC and UL standards and are tested to at least 75,000 operations. There are four mounting options—panel, enclosure, back of board panel and concealed. Within a modular arrangement the 20A and 32A switches may be fitted behind each lock. The 63A and 150A switches must not have any switch fitted behind any immediately adjacent module.

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