Safety – 2004-07-08

By Staff July 8, 2004

Access control

CyberLock is an intelligent lock cylinder designed to convert existing mechanical locks into full-functioning access control systems without hardwiring. Authorized users are permitted access at specific times on pre-selected days. A comprehensive audit report is generated.

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Fire control

IntelliKnight 5700 fire control communicator provides digital fire reporting over ordinary telephone lines and supports up to 50 addressable devices that allow the user to pin-point which device has been activated or needs attention. The drift compensation feature helps reduce false alarms and identify maintenance problems.

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Disposable gloves

A black, disposable, nitrile glove with textured fingertip, NightHawk is ideal for workers in automotive, electronic assembly, and security environments. Glove offers the least allergenic disposable nitrile protection with ESD and static-dissipative properties.

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Gas detector

TS4000 intelligent toxic gas detector is a microprocessor-based transmitter designed to monitor toxic gases or oxygen deficiency and provide status indication and alarm outputs. Ideal applications are chemical, oil/gas, wastewater treatment, and other hazardous environments.

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Durable footwear

A line of industrial footwear features Power Technology System for comfort and durability. Thirteen models are available, including two lightweight models, two models with an air-circulation system, and a model with a heel protection system.

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Storage unit

The PIG twin IBC roll-top hardcover storage unit provides side-by-side protected storage of IBCs indoors, or outdoors, without the cost of two single units. Lockable doors and roll-top covers open from both sides, allowing easy access to contents.

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Safety Series is a free lockout/-tagout product catalog, including rotating gate valve lockouts and electrical plug lockouts, adjustable cable lockouts, modular lockout kits, snap-on safety hasps, lockout wall stations, and identification tags and labels. To obtain a copy, call 800-308-9242 or visit the web site.

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