Rotating cabin lift truck

By Plant Engineering Staff January 25, 2007

The EFG D30 lift truck is designed with a cabin that rotates a full 180°, reducing operator injury, and eliminating obstructed views and lengthy reverse travel by allowing the operator to rotate the cabin to face the direction of travel. The operator can rotate the cabin up to 90° while the truck is in motion. For short and medium distance travel, this can offer adequate visibility and comfort. For traveling long distances, the cabin can be rotated the full 180°, but this must be done while the truck is stationary. A memory system allows the operator to preset the angles of choice. A multi-pilot joystick control combines all hydraulic functions and the travel direction switch into one ergonomically-shaped control lever. The lift truck’s design allows the truck to handle loads up to 6,600 lbs, reach travel speeds of 12.4 mph and attain lift speeds of 98 ft/min. It features three-phase AC motor technology, providing power for travel, lift, steering and braking, and a patented curve speed reduction steering system that prevents the possibility of “tipping.”A steering-wheel-mounted LCD information and service display allows the driver to choose from five individually adjustable operating modes.

Jungheinrich Lift Truck Corp.