Proposal to provide environment, public health benefits

By Plant Engineering Staff November 17, 2006

In comments submitted this week on the Environmental Protection Agency’s New Source Review proposal, the National Association of Manufacturers urged the EPA “to continue efforts that will simplify the regulatory permitting process in a meaningful manner.”

During the current rulemaking, regulators are addressing debottlenecking, aggregation and project netting procedures to attempt to streamline the program.

“Doing so will enable industries and the administration to provide real benefits to the environment and public health,” said Bryan Brendle, NAM director of energy and resources policy. “Streamlining and clarifying the program will help our members implement projects that increase energy efficiency, reduce the intensity of air emissions and continue to improve the nation’s air quality.”

On a side note, Brendle expressed concern over the frequency with which federal regulators attempt to revise NSR and the subsequent legal troubles, which not only delay regulations but also create business uncertainty.

“I think we’ve reached a point where NSR reform, as well as other programs under the Clean Air Act, should be reformed through the legislative process,” Brendle said.

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