Product Intros – 2002-01-15

By Staff January 15, 2002

Voltage logger only stores alarms

AC Exception Voltage Simple Logger Model L215 is the ideal product to capture short-term events such as sags, swells, and dropouts. The logger samples input 10 times/sec and only stores data when an alarm threshold is reached, maximizing use of memory. The 65,000-point storage capacity can store more than 1000 events. Power is provided by the ac voltage signal being monitored.

AEMC Instruments

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Rotary switch uses snap action

Snap-Action rotary switches, Series 101, 103, and 105, boast continuous ratings ranging from 20 to 200 A at 600 V and are available with up to four positions and 12 poles. They feature fully enclosed decks, double-wiping contacts, low contact resistance, and can handle extreme vibration and shock. The snap action design ensures quick make-and-break action.

Electroswitch Corp.

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Hat turns heads

Head-Turners hardhats’ unique design allows workers to express their own style, encouraging increased safety compliance. Two designs withstand temperature variations, humidity, and exposure to UV light. The designs are fully reflective for added protection in low light. The hardhats have four-point ratchet suspension, fit head sizes 61/2 to 8, and meet ANSI Z89.1 Class E standards.

American Allsafe Co.

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Cable carrier zips open

R09 fully enclosed cable carrier is used to guide and protect moving cables and hoses. It offers lightning-fast assembly and inspection time with its zipper lid design. The lids offer full protection against wood and metal chips. The carrier holds cables up to 1/2-in. diameter and is suitable for use on machine tools, material handling devices, and other industrial equipment.

igus, inc.

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Lamps resist shattering

VHO lamps operate at higher wattages, burn at higher temperatures, and emit up to 21/2 times as much light as regular fluorescent lamps. VHO.TSC and VHO/LT/TSC-type lamps use a patented TSC (Teflon/Shat-R-Kote combination) plastic coating process. They are safe and shatter-resistant because this plastic combination withstands extreme temperatures.

Shat-R-Shield, Inc.

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Water heaters now in large sizes

Indirect Water Heaters are now available in sizes to 8,000,000 Btu/hr with water heating capacities to 7680 gph at 100-F temperature rise. The primary water in the heater is maintained at a constant temperature and recirculated only within the heating vessel. The heat exchanger, placed in the primary water, absorbs heat and transfers it to the water flowing through copper tubes.

Bryan Steam, LLC

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Sensor measures gas velocity and temperature

K-BAR 2000 multipoint insertion sensor incorporates thermal convection mass flow technology. The fast, powerful microprocessor and sensor bridge circuit measure both the gas velocity and temperature using only two sensors on the “FD” Fast Dual MetalClad sensor. Process velocity range is 0 to 18,000 sfpm, temperature range is 0 to 900 F, pressure limit is 150 psig.

Kurz Instruments, Inc.

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Mixer handles low/high viscosities

FMX8400 Series mixers offer efficient mixing of low or high-viscosity fluids at low pressure drop. Also ideal for two-phase (gas-liquid) mixing and blending of gases. Elements consist of a series of left and right helixes fabricated from 316 SS. The 304 SS housing is corrosion resistant, designed for high-pressure and high-temperature service. MNPT ends ensure easy installation.

Omega Engineering, Inc.

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Suit protects against hazardous liquids

Hazard-Gard Encapsulated Suit is designed to provide full-body protection against hazardous spills in supplied-air environments, such as hazardous waste remediation. It is the only protective garment to feature a glove flap, which allows gloves to be worn over or under the garment. Gloves are not provided. The suit has an 11-in. x 18-in. visor for a wide viewing area.

Kimberly-Clark Corp.

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Lift truck has big reach

BGNR Series Walkie Reach Truck is designed for applications where pallet widths vary in size, exceed the existing straddle width setting, or where bottom rack stringers do not exist. The 24 in, heavy-duty reach mechanism features internal hosing that replaces external hose reels. Units are available with 3000-lb. capacity and 200-in. lift heights.

Blue Giant Equipment Corp.

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Gear reducer offers high overload capacity

Rotary Vector RV-E is a precision, heavy-duty gear reducer that offers high reduction ratios in a compact package. It has high torsional rigidity and overload torque capacity of 500% of rated torque. The rated torque range is 637 to 60,710 in.-lb. Total lost motion from all sources, including backlash, spring rate, and hysteresis, is one arc minute.

Harmonic Drive Technologies

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Relay handles high dc loads

Solid State Relay Assemblies are rated for 60 A dc loads. Available in a variety of models, these compact units accept controller inputs of 3.5 to 32-V dc or 90 to 280-V ac. Load voltages can be up to 400 V dc. Assemblies consist of a relay combined with an appropriately sized anodized aluminum heat sink that ensures reliability in an ambient temperature up to 100 F.

HBControls, Inc.

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Surge protector sustains high currents

Clipper Power System – Visor Series is a safe and compact surge protection device. It uses a patent pending Thermo-Dynamic Fusing system that increases the surge protector’s performance through metal oxide varistors that can sustain high surge currents. The low impedance surge suppression platform reduces let through voltage for ANSI/IEEE defined surges.

Cutler-Hammer Eaton Corp.

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Lift positions load two ways

Z-Lift Tilter simplifies machine-feeding applications. It is designed to position a container to the most convenient working height and angle. Lift and tilt are achieved independently but with a single mechanism, making the unit an economic alternative to lift and tilt tables that require separate mechanisms for these functions.

Southworth Products, Inc.

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Dryer uses ambient air

AP Series blower purge regenerative desiccant compressed air dryers have twin towers that are fully automatic and heat reactivated. Heatless desiccant dryers use about 15% of the compressed air for regeneration and externally heated dryers use 20-25% compressed air.


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Control saves energy

Model PS100 controller is a microprocessor-based, variable speed drive programmed specifically for centrifugal pumps. The drive has on-board multi-pump logic for up to 4 pump systems. It provides pump protection by continually monitoring and reacting to system and pump conditions.

ITT Industries

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