Product Intros – 2001-08-01

LED lamps have screw bases S6 candelabra-screw based LED lamps are designed to replace S6 candelabra-screw based lamps in miniature industrial control panels. The lamps are offered in two types: single and multichip, which provides light even if one or more emitters fail. Colors available are green, white, blue, yellow, red, and orange.

By Staff August 1, 2001

LED lamps have screw bases

S6 candelabra-screw based LED lamps are designed to replace S6 candelabra-screw based lamps in miniature industrial control panels. The lamps are offered in two types: single and multichip, which provides light even if one or more emitters fail. Colors available are green, white, blue, yellow, red, and orange.

Ledtronics, Inc.

Circle 372

System locks out circuit breakers

EZ Panel Loc kit has everything needed to quickly and conveniently lock out a circuit breaker— no special tools required. Made from high-end plastic, it has no conductive properties such as metal products. The storage case can be mounted to the conduits above the panel or to the wall when the locking arms are not in use.

Brady Signmark

Circle 371

Pipe inspection system goes 100 ft

SeeSnake compact video pipe inspection system is small and lightweight for easy transporting. The system allows the user to quickly and easily view inside drain lines and other types of piping to determine the cause and location of problems. The durable unit consists of a black-and-white camera along with a push-rod assembly that navigates through 11/2 to 4-in. lines up to 100-ft long.

Ridge Tool Co.

Circle 373

Voltage logger only stores alarms

AC Exception Voltage Simple Logger Model L215 is the ideal product to capture short-term events such as sags, swells, and dropouts. The logger samples input 10 times/sec and only stores data when an alarm threshold is reached, maximizing use of memory. The 65,000-point storage capacity can store more than 1000 events. Power is provided by the ac voltage signal being monitored.

AEMC Instruments

Circle 374

Oxygen sensor improves combustion

Oxyfire is a high-temperature, in-situ oxygen sensor for combustion trim control applications. It provides precise, dependable oxygen measurements for fossil-fuel-fired environments, including refining, kilns, and incinerator applications. The sensor precisely measures the net concentration of oxygen in a process, the amount left after combustion.

Marathon Sensors, Inc.

Circle 375

Chart recorder handles four signals

CT1901 is a fully programmable, circular chart recorder for up to four process signals. Pen ranges are individually set to give the best resolution for each signal. High visibility, 6-digit displays provide a clear indication of process values and active-alarm flashing LEDs. Features include thermocouple, RTD, voltage, and current inputs.

Omega Engineering, Inc.

Circle 376

Drum cover has room for pump

Single Drum Roll-Top Hardcover Storage units provide protected drum storage with a pump or funnel in place, indoors or out. The roll-top design keeps a drum secure and prevents precipitation from accumulating in the sump. The unit features a lockable roll-top that slides out of the way for quick access to pumps or funnels. The cover lifts off for easy drum removal.

New Pig

Circle 377

System manages cable installation

Fast Assembly System (FAS) is designed to make cable installation easy and fast. This innovative system utilizes a simple, one-step process that requires no screws, bolts, or other fasteners. All that is needed is a screwdriver. Engineered from rugged, galvanized steel the system comes complete with a versatile range of profiles and brackets.

Cablofil, Inc.

Circle 378

Fire panel is addressable

Shark panel is a microprocessor-based, analog, addressable fire panel. It offers fire alarm evacuation, sprinkler pre-action, deluge, and off-premise signaling. Outputs include two notification appliance circuits, dedicated alarm, trouble, and supervisory SPDT relays, one continuous auxiliary power circuit, and one selectable auxiliary power circuit.

Fike Corp.

Circle 379

Stainless air conditioners resist corrosion

McLean ProAir CR23, CR29, and CR43 Series stainless steel air conditioners are designed for various applications and come standard with versatile options. The high-grade, 16-ga, type 304 stainless steel exterior is low maintenance, does not require painting, and will not corrode or rust. Units are available in NEMA 12 and NEMA 4X enclosures.

APW Thermal Management

Circle 380

Package tests steam traps

PenCheck System Package (PSP) is a complete steam trap management program specifically designed for small or medium-sized companies. It provides accurate judgement to greatly simplify trap testing. PSP includes a testing instrument, database software, a palm-size personal data assistant, and training in Charlotte, NC.

TLV Corp.

Circle 381

Ladder climbing made safer

Miller TranScendor Cable Climbing System provides continuous fall protection in an easy-to-install unit. A worker, wearing a full-body harness with a front D-ring, attaches to the durable cable sleeve with a carabiner for safe ascent and descent on a fixed ladder. The cable sleeve follows the worker and locks instantly in the event of a fall.

Dalloz Fall Protection

Circle 382

Shelving offers economical storage

Open-type Clipper shelving provides an economical approach for general purpose storage needs. Backs and sides are open with sections stabilized by sway braces. Standard height for the shelving is 87-in. Widths range from 36 to 48-in. and depths from 12 to 24-in. Units can be configured for 5, 6, 7, or 8 shelves. Capacities range from 500 to 800 lb., with higher capacities possible, depending on the type of shelf used.

Penco Products, Inc.

Circle 383

Forklift recaptures electricity

Cushion tire electric lift trucks provide exceptional power, performance, safety features, design, and serviceability. The 4-wheel lift trucks feature an ac drive system, active stability, and are offered in a broad range of capacities from 3000 to 12,000 lb. The ac drive system features advanced power regeneration technology that helps the forklift recover energy from its own momentum and direct it back to the battery.

Toyota Industrial Equipment

Circle 384

Scale reduces area traffic

PFS 2418-01 portable floor scale rolls easily from job to job, reducing production area traffic and decreasing weighing time by eliminating the need for travel to a central scale. The device features a 1000-lb weighing capacity with weighing accuracy to 0.02% of rated output. Operating temperature ranges from 14 to 104 F.

Weigh-Tronix, Inc.

Circle 385

Refrigerated dryer combines efficiency and economy

Hydrogard HX Series refrigerated compressed air dryers incorporate a unique heat exchanger with a chevron pattern plate angle that provides high heat transfer and low fouling risk. The compact, corrosion resistant, stainless steel, plate heat exchanger increases reliability while significantly reducing dryer size and weight. Capacities range from 7 to 3000 scfm at 100 psig.


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