Product Intros – 1970-01-01

Rack design reduces forklift damageThe Defender rack frame can be applied to new and existing installations to resist and reduce forklift damage. The front column is moved back 9-in. from the aisle to reduce forklift contact. The bottom front column is made of tubular steel with a 3/16-in. thick wall to take more abuse than other racks.

By Staff November 2, 2018

Rack design reduces forklift damage

The Defender rack frame can be applied to new and existing installations to resist and reduce forklift damage. The front column is moved back 9-in. from the aisle to reduce forklift contact. The bottom front column is made of tubular steel with a 3/16-in. thick wall to take more abuse than other racks.

Interlake Material Handling, Inc.

Circle 371

Motorized hand trucks improve reliability

MPW LE and MPE LE motorized hand trucks use separately excited motor technology that enhances performance and reliability and provides improved speed and torque control. Easy access to vital components simplifies inspection and replacement. The trucks are available in 6000 and 8000-lb capacities.

Yale Materials Handling Corp.

Circle 372

Strip doors reduce scratching and abrasion

Scratch-Guard is a fire-resistant, self-extinguishing, PVC strip material with raised ribs on both sides and a bead between them for protection. The ribs reduce scratching and abrasions from heavy use, making the strips last longer while providing a stronger seal than traditional smooth material. The material is available in complete door units or as replacement strips.


Circle 373

Tubular plate battery has high power density

Tubular plate, flooded lift truck batteries deliver a larger amount of consistent, reliable power than flat plate types of equal size. They are available in 36-V and 48-V sizes, and in 100-AHr/plate and 140-AHr/plate ratings. The batteries’ bolt-on inter-cell connections allow for easier service.

GNB Industrial Power

Circle 374

Hoist features variable speed operation

DH variable speed wire rope hoist permits safe and gentle lifting, lowering, and positioning of sensitive loads. The variable speed inverter controls movement up and down, as well as cross travel. Units have capacities from 1—13.5 tons.

Demag Cranes & Components Corp.

Circle 375

Crane device offers precise motion control

G-Force intelligent crane device assists the X and Y travel of a crane system. It provides the power required to start, direct, and stop a load up to 1000 lb regardless of how fast, slow, or precise the operator needs to move.


Circle 376

Belt sorter has a 30-deg divert

NBS 30 offers fast, efficient, and accurate sortation at 30-deg divert angles. The narrow belt sorter handles products up to 75 lb, at speeds up to 300 fpm, and at rates up to 100 cartons/min. Minimum product size sorted is 6 in. 3 9 in.; maximum size is 28 in. 3 28 in. A series of narrow belts, each with individual take-up, ensures that accuracy and speed of sortation are maintained.

Ermanco, Inc.

Circle 377

Conveyor seal tolerates high runout

Meco air-purged seals effectively contain dry powders, pastes, and slurries in screw conveyors and airlocks, as well as other rotating equipment. The fully split version permits installation and maintenance without disturbing bearings or drives.

Woodex Bearing Co.

Circle 378

Tool levelsladders on stairs

PiViT ladder tool fits snugly on steps and stairs to provide a stable ladder-leveling surface on those troublesome areas. The tool is constructed of polypropylene, weighs 9 lb, and does not conduct electricity.

ProVision Tools, Inc.

Circle 379

Control operates compressors at maximum efficiency

The universal autodual air compressor management system brings the operation of any head unloaded or full on/full off rotary screw air compressor to its maximum level of efficiency. It eliminates endless and inefficient idling and incorporates a 5-sec automatic initial unloading delay, guaranteeing soft starts.

Standard Pneumatic Products

Circle 380

System predicts boiler maintenance needs

Online Maintenance system can predict a boiler’s maintenance needs from information continuously read and recorded. In addition, the proactive system automatically calls should a boiler go down, pinpointing which alarm occurs and which of 28 possible faults caused the alarm. The black box records everything that happened in the boiler 4 sec before shutdown.

Miura Boiler West, Inc.

Circle 381

Absorbent sock wraps around pipes

Wrap-It-Sorb sock surrounds leaking and dripping pipes, hoses, and fittings. Its absorbent polymer filler absorbs and solidifies petroleum-based liquids and prevents leach-out. The 2-in. 3 12-in. sock accommodates any pipe diameter.

New Pig

Circle 382

Filter handles high pressure and flow

The 5000 Series filter assembly provides complete hydraulic component protection, especially in high pressure (up to 400 psi), high flow (up to 120 gpm) applications. Optional visual and electrical differential pressure indicators warn of imminent bypass.

Pall Corp.

Circle 383

Conveyor safety switch has rope-pull

Emergency-stop rope-pull safety switches are used along conveyor lines or around the perimeter of large machines. Cables up to 328-ft long can be used. The switch is available in auto reset (spring reset) or latching output (manual reset) models for one or twoside spans.

Banner Engineering Corp.

Circle 384

Floor coating doesn’t stop plant operations

Epoxy brite floor coating can be applied without interrupting usual plant operations. It contains no flammable solvents and no unpleasant odor, making it well suited for indoor use. The coating outperforms solvent-based epoxies and is USDA accepted.


Circle 385

Hydraulic power unit fits tight spots

Micro-Pack MP90 Series power unit fits where others do not by requiring an envelope as small as 3.7 in. 3 5.5 in. It can deliver pressures up to 3000 psi. A variety of options are available.

SPX Corp.

Circle 386

Gel protects metals from heat distortion

ColdShield thermal shield gel is environmentally safe, nontoxic, noncorrosive, and nonflammable. It stops heat created by welding, soldering, and brazing from travelling through most metals and plastics. The gel or spray version prevents fire from occurring or spreading to treated areas. It wipes clean with a damp cloth.

Dytec Services, Inc.

Circle 387

Belt gauge indicates correct tension

TensionRite is an adhesive-backed plastic gauge applied to the belt backing. It allows accurate tensioning while reducing installation time and complex measurements. The device accurately indicates, within 7%, when correct tension is reached. An easy-to-follow chart indicates proper tension settings to achieve optimum performance.

The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co.

Circle 388

Wireless transmitter handles tough jobs

PX921 Series wireless transmitters serve tough industrial installations without the need for hard wiring because it operates by radio telemetry. A low-power RF transmitter safely sends the signal up to 500 m to a receiver/ retransmitter where it is converted into a 4—20-mA signal.

Omega Engineering

Circle 389

Scissor lift moves long items

A scissor lift and tilt table with long side up tilt moves long items from a horizontal to a vertical position or places them on a pallet for shipping. The ergonmically designed tables are available in capacities of 2000, 4000, 6000, and 10,000 lb. Units are electro-hydraulically operated from 110-V or 220/440-V sources.

Air Technical Industries

Circle 390

System locks out selected circuits

PanelSafe lockout system protects against the unexpected release of energy while servicing machinery. Designed to comply with OSHA regulations, the system positively isolates electrical circuits by mechanically preventing the movement of circuit breaker handles from the “off” position to the “on” position when lockout pins are used.

3M Electrical Products Div.

Circle 391

Roof edge prevents ballast loss

System 200 is a preformed, two-piece fascia for use with the company’s EP-B (ballasted) roofing system. The edge creates a barrier to prevent ballast loss and forms an attractive fascia. The design also eliminates splice plate migration, while allowing full expansion and contraction of the fascia cover.

Stevens Roofing Systems

Circle 392

Sniffer detects EMI sources

Model 246 sniffer detects and locates electromagnetic interference sources such as those originating at arcing shaft bearings, sparking ground brushes, and sparking connections. This detection provides an early warning of possible trouble spots on large motors.

Radar Engineers

Circle 393

Monitor measures six flue gases

GreenLine Mk2 is a multimeasurement apparatus for analyzing flue gas. The device can be configured with up to six electrochemical cells for different gas concentration measurements (O2, CO, NO, NO2, SO2, and CxNy).

TTI, Inc.

Circle 394

Air dryer

handles low flows

A compact air dryer series meets the needs of low flow applications where very dry compressed air with an atmospheric dew point of -50 F or lower is required. The self-regenerative dryer can be operated continuously at flow rates from 0—6 scfm at minimum inlet pressures of 80 psig.

O’Keefe Controls Co.

Circle 395